Saturday, July 10, 2010

Is it just me or is anyone else tired of the gladiator sandal?

I can't walk into a shoe store, mainstream or boutique, without being accosted by gladiator sandals. I see them and all I think about is Russell Crowe.

They are a fad that has lasted way too long. I'm sure many of you reading this own a pair and may be offended by my attack on a harmless shoe style. But let me ask you... don't you think they might just be a little ugly? Doesn't it bother you that everyone and their mother and gay brother is wearing them?

Let's review the various options, shall we?

1. Ugly. I can picture this on a homeless hippie who lost his job because he got arrested for smoking maryjane on the town common.

2. Not so bad. I barely consider this a gladiator shoe.

3. Ugly. Reminds me a parachute harness.

4. Meh

5. I just threw up. This wouldn't even look good on Giselle.

6. I just threw up again

7. Orange, really?

8. Doesn't everyone know that ankle straps like this give everyone a cankle?

9. Turquoise isn't so bad, but again with the cankle-making.

10. If I was held at gunpoint and was forced to wear a gladiator sandal, I'd pick this one.

I mean, look at this. I did a search for "gladiator" and the second most popular search is "gladiator sandals" followed by "gladiator shoes."

That's a sign right there that we need something new to obsess over. I'm open to some ideas... anyone have a good idea for a new trend to overkill???...


  1. lmao. Agree 100%. I hate seeing them on females, and I have a thing for chicks and their shoes.

  2. I'm getting tired of them...overplayed...the trend has been around too long...and on most non-model (read: girls with legs of normal length)...they dont work.

  3. I randomly found your blog, found this post, and LOVED YOUR COMMENTARY. it's was good :)

  4. Don't own a pair and indeed, VERY ugly but yet there are few fads I can ever comprehend.

    If there were a gun to my head, #4... gun totally has to be loaded tho ;)