Thursday, October 1, 2009

Where's Sassy???

Honestly, I have no idea.

Mr. T says I don't *write* anything on my blog anymore. That I merely post obscene pictures and cat videos. To that I say, eff off. You try and work a bazillion hours a week, keep your fat ass in shape, be a wife, a good cat-mommy, AND blog about cool shit!!!!

Ok, it *IS* possible. I think.

So the real question is: Where *IS* Sassy??? (I'm picturing Where's Waldo? from when I was a kid).

So the answer is... I'm trying to find some sense of balance in my life and not doing a great job at it. My work life is insane, though I do love my job and coworkers, almost to the point of a cult-ish obsession, (so I can't complain too much there). I am struggling to get exercise in, which I need more for my sanity and destressing then for vanity reasons (even though my ass is a *titch* larger these days). Why is it so hard to find balance?

I feel like I need a bit of zen in my life right now. Some cool cucumbers on my eyes. A soft breeze on my face. A deep foot rub. And some new clothes (cause doesn't a new outfit always make you feel better?) Maybe I'll buy one of those miniature zen gardens for my office... you know, the little black box with the stones and rake. I never quite got those things... the only fun part was drawing perverted symbols in the sand and seeing if your co-workers would notice (which they usually didn't.... losers.)

So now you know. I'm pretty much in shambles. Ok, well that's a bit of an exaggeration. But you know where I'm headed with this. I could use some advice for finding time to do all the things you need *AND* want to do in your life.

Yours truly,
Forever Sassy


  1. what helped me is finding out that I never will have enough time ever...really, ever.

    so then i weeded out the jobs between have to, don't have to and don't want to. that helped a lot.

    and let go of the guilt for any of the don't want to.

  2. I'm in a 365 post in a row challenge...just because somehow, I download when I write.

    Otherwise, the rest of it all consumes me..