Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday, October 2, 2009

Parkour! done wrong

I nearly pissed myself when I saw this.

Do any of you know the movie House of 1,000 Corposes, directed by Rob Zombie? It was his first movie (and unfortunately, his worst) and the kid who played Fishboy was Dwight! Who knew that Rob Zombie discovered Dwight...

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Where's Sassy???

Honestly, I have no idea.

Mr. T says I don't *write* anything on my blog anymore. That I merely post obscene pictures and cat videos. To that I say, eff off. You try and work a bazillion hours a week, keep your fat ass in shape, be a wife, a good cat-mommy, AND blog about cool shit!!!!

Ok, it *IS* possible. I think.

So the real question is: Where *IS* Sassy??? (I'm picturing Where's Waldo? from when I was a kid).

So the answer is... I'm trying to find some sense of balance in my life and not doing a great job at it. My work life is insane, though I do love my job and coworkers, almost to the point of a cult-ish obsession, (so I can't complain too much there). I am struggling to get exercise in, which I need more for my sanity and destressing then for vanity reasons (even though my ass is a *titch* larger these days). Why is it so hard to find balance?

I feel like I need a bit of zen in my life right now. Some cool cucumbers on my eyes. A soft breeze on my face. A deep foot rub. And some new clothes (cause doesn't a new outfit always make you feel better?) Maybe I'll buy one of those miniature zen gardens for my office... you know, the little black box with the stones and rake. I never quite got those things... the only fun part was drawing perverted symbols in the sand and seeing if your co-workers would notice (which they usually didn't.... losers.)

So now you know. I'm pretty much in shambles. Ok, well that's a bit of an exaggeration. But you know where I'm headed with this. I could use some advice for finding time to do all the things you need *AND* want to do in your life.

Yours truly,
Forever Sassy