Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Who wants a spanking?

So I'm guessing that no one is *really* all that interested in hearing the detail of my dysfunctional family, cause honestly WHO'S FAMILY ISN'T EFFED UP?! You all have enough of your own, so why do you need to hear about mine?

Instead, let's move onto bigger and better things!

Look - my cat likes cantaloupe!

Ok, no one cares about that either.

Tomorrow will knock your socks off though, all two of them, with the most insanely insane personal ad I've ever seen.


  1. i had a cat that loved olives.

  2. I've taken off my socks in anticipation...

    I also love canteloupe...

    I just finished a mango daquiri that would have knocked YOUR socks off...

  3. Your cat likes cateloupe? I'm impressed. Are you starving it? JK.