Monday, August 31, 2009

These toes weren't made for walkin'...

Apparently, my toes are freakish. Remember that pic of my branch-like 2nd/3rd toes? Well, my coworkers are now referring to it as the "chicken-toe". Fun times.

Here's another toe-related ha-ha (at my expense... as usual) for you:

The ladies buy a lot of shoes and clothes in my office, from sites like,,, and have them shipped to the office so all the ladies can ooh and ahh over them. It's also convenient because if something doesn't fit, you can be sure that it'll fit someone else, so we end up just buying stuff form each other. One of the girls ordered a ridiculously hot pair of Rock & Republic pumps that were just a bit too small for her. Fortunately for me, they were just my size. Sah-weet! A fab pair of new shoes and it's like they just appeared! Whilst I pranced around my office in the 7" heels, something didn't quite feel right. I looked down and the pinky toe on my left foot had popped out of side of the shoe, darting out at a freakish angle. I pulled it back in, starting to walk again, and... Oops! there is goes again. The more I walked, the more it kept popping out. And the more it popped out, the more I realized that it looked like a deformed appendage. I realized very quickly, as the smile was falling off my face, that I could in no way wear these shoes with a toe "issue" such as this --- the second someone looked down at my feet they would notice the ridiculously not shoes, in all of their glorious yellow and snakeskin leather, and then I'd see the recognition in their face as they wondered what the hell happened down there... While all of this was spinning through my head, I continued to watch as my coworkers cringed in horror at the pinky toe with a mind of its own (apparently one that doesn't like designer shoes at discount prices).

It goes without saying, that I DID NOT buy the shoes off of my coworker. She will be sending them back. What a sad, sad story.

Well, here it is...

And a bit closer....

And the zoom shot of my little piggy who went to the crazy-toe market and didn't like the shoes... what a jerk.

Go ahead, laugh. Why else would I share this with you...???

PS - Shoe me some designer love...

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  1. I totally have similar issues with my feet and shoes. Ugh, it's so annoying and really sad at times!

  2. I have this weird pinky toe issue that we in the family call cashew toe (it tries to curl under the other toes)

    but...I've gotten old enough that I've sworn off anything over 2 inches tall.

  3. 7 inch heels? Are you serious??? I can see why your pinky toe tried to escape!!

  4. Hmm. Yet another use for Duct Tape.

  5. Stewie likes the way those look...