Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Am I naked obsessed?

Why is it that my last few posts have all been about nudeness, nakedness, giant vaginas or super-sized boobs??? There seems to be an unintentional theme starting here...

Alas, this is why you're here in the first place... cause I'm a big perv AND YOU LOVE IT! Don't lie to yourself.

So, I'm back. Don't mark my words or anything but starting today you have my promise that I'll post something every other day at a minimum. (But I can't promise that some of them won't be stupid pictures or videos, like what occurred during my "lazy video phase of May 2009").

And yes, I am scared of sewing machines. Despite my mother having shown me how to use a sewing machine several DOZEN times throughout my childhood, I seem to have repressed those memories as I find them to be needly, stabbing machines of death. Scary shit.

Stay tuned... tomorrow is Plastic People Day!!!


  1. I always worried about them stabbing through my finger as I fed the cloth through.

  2. hahahah i love your blog. Your blog is prolly as perv-ish as mine, so we can get along just fine. Your themes are quite related to mine. Glad to know im not alone.