Thursday, July 2, 2009

Wine and cupcakes

Should that be the new name of my blog? Cause wine and cupcakes are just divine!

This was my night last night. Work has been so crazy lately, but it's all good. Last night, while I stayed late at work, I drank Pinot Grigio (not my #1 choice) and ate a homemade cupcake with coconut frosting. Mmm mmm good. What is better? Nothing. Except not getting a fat ass.

I moved the setup of my office around today. Very exciting stuff. It's like a whole new world in here. Love. It.

My kitten Tonks seems to be growing. But not in the right places. While her cute body continues to get bigger, her little head stays the same size. Poor thing is starting to look like that character with the shrunken head in the waiting room in the movie Beetlegeuse.


  1. Wine and cupcakes....sounds good to me.

  2. Love Tonks!!! I had the same problem with mine...Her body just kept growing (rounder mostly) and her little head, just stayed little.

    Mmmmmm wine and cupcakes.....

  3. LOL how about a play on words with whine and cupcakes? or no whining around my cupcakes


  4. My daughter, Puppet, and I are still rolling on the floor, laughing about the comparison pics regarding Tonks' uneven growth spurt! (Tears are actually streaming down out faces!) Thanks! Tonks AND you are the cat's meow! P.S. Love the "Wine and Cupcakes" idea!

  5. omg that just scared the beejezus out of me.