Thursday, July 30, 2009

Do you worry that your breasts take too much of a beating every day?

I share this with you for no reason other than to show you what a set of G breasts look like when running with no bra on... CLICK HERE

I feel a little inadequate because I'm pretty sure my breasts would not look this good bouncing around. I feel like I have to test this out by running naked in front of the mirror because this looks like only her nipples are moving.


  1. That was... helpful. Thank you. :-)

  2. Those are not real tits. They're either computer animations or big chemical balls. I have a naturally bodacious rack. I know.

  3. OMG, computer gen or not, a little warning! lol could have used that bra in middle/high school when i was playing sports. May have to get one just to see!!!!

  4. not real, trust me.... I run downstairs without a bra and they hit my chin :(

  5. Hahahah. Those breasts are totally odd in the animation. It's almost like the nipples are changing position which is totally false.

    Those are not a realistic representation of breasts bouncing during running exercises. More likely it is advertising trying to scare ladies about breast problems so they will buy the sports bra.

    But the running part of G size cup is almost like cartoon eyeballs bouncing around.