Thursday, May 14, 2009

This is what I'm reduced to

Pretty much anything makes me laugh right now. At work, we have a big conference coming up and had to put together gift bags for attendees, and since we're a start-up, everyone was chipping in. For the last 8 hours, we've been using toxic Rubber Glue to adhere pictures to oaktag cards. So, to say this another way... in our small office, two giant jars of toxic fumes have been filling up the air to point that everything looks a little hazy. Everyone is loopy, and I think our executive assistant is about to boot. I was about to log into a shared system, that always displays the name of the last user to log in, and this is what I saw:

Yup, that's it.

We're all dicks for getting ourselves high for tonight's festivities: Beer Pong Tournament. That's right. My company is sponsoring a tournament where people compete to throw a ball into one of several small cups and the losers get fall-on-their-face drunk. That ball is touched by everyone in the room, including the dirty floor, and then it falls into your cup full of beer before you are forced to chug it down in one gulp. Is this not how swine flu is spread??? This is my life, people.


  1. and that is why I won't play beer pong...and people think I'm a priss.

  2. do you get to wipe it down with your antibacterial wipes before you toss it?

    Although I cringe to think about all the games of quarters I used to play. Kinda like party-line kissing through a glass of beer. Yeck.

  3. oh sweet jesus. Just don't invite any pigs to the party.