Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Stick a chicken in me, I'm.... vintage??!

Have you ever had an alarm clock wake you up for so many years that you grow to hate it, despise it even, and generally want to punch it until its insides spew out?

Lately, I reminisced about an old alarm clock I had as a teenager. And now I can't get it's stupid song out of my head. It's been days now....

It was single-handedly the most annoying alarm clock on the face of the planet. Yet, being a teenager in the 80's/90's, I thought it was the coolest thing since sliced bread.

It was a Rock N Roll Chicken who screamed the words "baby!" and "come and dance with meeeeeeee!" in an attempt to roust me. It was *SOOOOO* loud that I don't know how my family stood it 'cause I'm sure they heard it every morning (and sometimes in the afternoons...)

You would push his little red comb on the top of his head to turn it on and off. And when he was singing, his little yellow beak would actually open.

And now NOW! it's being called "Vintage" on eBay. What the hell does that make me, at a mere 30 years old? Senile? Whomever is selling this "vintage" clock is an a-hole.


  1. Vintage! Bastards!
    I had a chicken alarm clock in college that would crow and then say TIME TO GET UP!!!!!

  2. oh maaaan did everybody have a stupid ass alarm clock like this? i had a parrot
    mother fucker i hate that thing

  3. LOL they have vintage so messed up - they think anything not currently sold is vintage when vintage is really mid-centuryish (pre-1970).

  4. My daughter had that same clock when she was a little kid - like 12 years ago - and that song still goes through my head! That's how I found your blog, because I typed it in to see if anyone else has been brainwashed by the clock!