Thursday, May 21, 2009

Naw'lins, you don't know what's comin'....

So, tomorrow I'm off to the Big Easy for a bachelorette party. At exactly 4:00 am that is. I'll be on Bourbon Street drinking mimosas by 10:30 a.m. Does it get any better?

It's been two years since my last visit to NOLA, when I was there for my best friend's wedding.

Let me summarize why NOLA is so great:

1. The people are amazing, and friendly, and welcoming
2. It's beautiful. The architecture is a blend of French and Spanish, surrounded by greenery that is so vibrant you wonder if you're seeing it with your own eyes.
3. It is perfectly acceptable to be wasted any time of the day, especially before noon.
4. Naked breasts are a part of everyday life.

6. There are many accessible places to dump a dead body. Like, say, the swamp.
7. Most foods are spicy and fried. And the calories you consume while in NOLA don't count.
8. Jazz is a way of life, and music is everywhere.
9. A little drink known as the Hand Grenade. Look it up.
10. It's haunted. There are ghosts everywhere, and everyone has a story to tell you about their personal experiences.
11. Voodoo is alive. You need candles to ward off negative energy? They got it. You need some sage to purify your living space? They got it. You need your ex-boyfriend to suffer from genital warts? They can do it.
12. Drinks are cheap.
13. Brangelina has a house there.
14. It's a giant party. All. The. Time.
15. Drive-thru margartia bars.
16. 5 cent blackjack tables.
17. Not to get sentimental, but they are survivors.
18. Typically, no one else remembers what an ass you were the night before.
19. Vampires.
20. Cobblestone streets in the French Quarter result in lots of falling.

I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am. Four days in one of the greatest cities in the world... with 11 other women, only 3 of which I know.

Whenever you get a dozen women together you never know what will become of it, but here's to hoping it's a whopping success!!!


  1. Drive through ritas??????? SWEET HEAVEN ON A CRACKER!!!!

  2. I only hope that what happens in New Orleans stays in New Orleans...
    Have fun.

  3. oh pretty sweet! Things dont need to stay in New Orleans unless are warts of the cooch.

  4. WoW! I wanna go along! ;P Have lots of fun and be sure to tell us alllll about it! I will definitely put NOLA on my must see and do list! Lisa

  5. I'm jealous. Have a great time, and stay safe! xo

  6. tell Brad and Angie I say "HI" and I'm her biggest FAN! i love Angelina!!!

    wait, do they even still live there???

  7. ahhh I LOVE NOLA!!!!! im so f*ckin jealous right now. those hand grenades always make me pass out. preferably not in the street. then in the morning have a begneit.

  8. I think I clearly need to visit just based on the "Huge Ass Beers to Go"

    Have fun and try not to get arrested!

  9. Thank god for number 18.

    Have fun with the coven.

  10. I live about 5 1/2 hours from there. I go 2 times every year for a girls trip! I LOVE NOLA and I LOVE Pat O's Hurricanes!