Friday, May 29, 2009

My cat is broken.

I think my cat is broken.

What's one of the things that cats are known to hate the most? No, I'm not talking about mice. Or dogs. I'm talking about water.

My kitten has an unnatural obsession with water. Every morning when I shower she sits on the edge of the tub meowing and trying to bat at me with her little paw. She does this until I pet her with my soaked hands while she licks water off my hand and arm. She won't leave until she's completely soaked and her hair stands up on end like Corey Haim's in License to Drive.

Then she shakes herself off like a dog and runs around until she's dry.

And then last night while I was in bed reading we played "fetch". No joke. She likes to play with my hairbands, and I'm not exaggerating when I say that she returned it to me 30 times in a row. I'd throw it. She'd chase it. She'd roll around with it for a minute or so. Then jump back up on the bed with the hairband in her mouth, drop it next to me, wiggle her butt, get a pet, and then sit patiently until I threw it again.

I'm pretty sure she's part dog.


  1. She is so cute. Even though she looks mildly satanic. Don't tell her that I said that. Because I don't want her to kill me.

  2. Oh my god, I have a cat that does this too. And one that lies on the side of the tub if I take a bath and swishes her tail back and forth in the water.
    My cat when I was growing up would sit near my dad at night while he unwrapped candy. Then he'd ball the wrappers up and throw them for her to fetch. Which she did as long as he kept throwing...

  3. I remember my cat sitting on the side of the tub but it was more like alarm for me - get the hell out of there! you will melt!

    what a great cat you have.

  4. I am so sad that I forgot how freaking funny your blog is. I went away for a bit (had to ban myself from my blog reading at work ... it was getting a bit excessive) but I am adding yours to my bookmarks right now.

    You cat is hilarious!

  5. That's so funny! My cat HATES baths but he loves to lay in the sink or under the faucet in the tub and let the water drip on him as he bathes. Cats are too funny.

    One of my childhood dogs used to put her feet is the water as she drank when it was hot out. I know they love water, but that was always a trip!

    YAY Animals!

  6. haha that's cute. She probably was conceived in the doggie position, maybe that's why.

  7. "Could you take the car out of neutral? We just got passed by a street sweeper." -License To Drive

  8. I had one cat who LOVED to play fetch at 2 a.m. and my cat, Inkey, who I lost last summer, often enjoyed a shower and shampoo. Pert Plus was his Shampoo of choice. I miss them both.

    Your kitty is adorable.

  9. I love cats, Sassy...absolutely love them...and you're so lucky to have a water-lovin' cat! I love the fetch stories, too :))

    Satanic? Oh for sure...tell the cat it was Marinka, not me. Go on...

  10. oh sweet jesus your cat is a DOG.

    and a wet one at that.

  11. I simply love this little kittybink! What's her name? (Loved the Corey Hiam reference, too! LOLoudest!) We join you as we have a quirky kit-kat named Noddy, who the vet explains as being "mentally challenged." He's an unintentional basketful of fun! (And if cats can have Pica, he's got that, too. If he was an elementary school student, he'd definitely be eating paste.) Thanks for the wonderful images of your feline black Lab (water lovers, you know!)

  12. Yup, I've got a cat that plays fetch too either with hair bands or pipecleaners. She hates to get wet, BUT before she drinks out of her bowl she puts her paw in it first. The weirdo.

  13. OMG! I think this cat must be realted to a cat that I had when I was 13 years old. My cat's name was Biscuit and she loved to fetch folded pieces of paper. We would throw the paper down our long hallway and Biscuit would haul ass about half way then slide into grabbing the paper, bring it back and drop it next to us. That cat was awesome.

    She also loved to bathe. She would sit in an empty tub and meow until someone would run her some water to play in. We could actually fill the tub and she would swim around in the water.

    Thanks for the post and the memories!

  14. That's really pretty great. Our cat freaks out any time either of us showers. She jumps around the bathroom and cries the entire time out of the apparent fear that bathing is dangerous. Cute kitty...