Thursday, May 7, 2009

It's official: I'm not going to die. Score!

So I've been sick all week. Since Sunday to be exact. I took a nap Sunday afternoon and woke up feeling like I just spent the hour in Anderson Cooper's asscrack. Yup, that's right ---smelly, sweaty and feeling like crap.

Since then I've been utterly exhausted, completely out of it (like walking into innate objects), in pain from severe stomach cramping, and suffering from profuse night sweats. I stayed home from work Monday and slept 14 hours, and was still tired on Tuesday. The only word to describe it is "icky".

As of yesterday, when I forced myself to visit the CDC's website and read up on the symptoms of swine flu, I was convinced I had the infamous H1N1 virus. I had 4 of the 6 symptoms, and was determined that I needed to be tested. Yet I pushed on through and decided I'd wait one more day.

Today, I woke up a brand new woman. I felt clear headed, energetic and excited to go to work. Ready to face the cruel City on yet *another* rainy, wet morning.

So, today friends, is a good day. It's Thursday and I feel great! Give me a "woot!"

PS - I still think I had swine flu. But my superior immune system battled it like a warrior and won.


  1. after reading your title i wanted to high five you so bad, but now that you said "h1n1" i'm re-thinking it

  2. ok - glad you're better...but after all the publicity they have on swine flu...I think everyone has it.