Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I was on the treadmill this morning watch the Today Show, and all of the cast members from The Cosby Show were there. They showed this clip, and it just made my day. Matt Lauer said, "this may be one of the greatest television clips of all time." Here here, Matt Lauer.

Oh, Rudy. She was so cute.... back then. She went from this:


Sidenote: Does anyone else find Matt Lauer ridiculously sexy? There's something about his divorced, travel-the-world-for-television, single-dad, saltiness that gives Anderson Cooper a run for his money. Additionally, does anyone else wish Matt and Meredith would just screw like rabbits and get it over with??? Sheeesh.

While I was scouring the Web for a hot pic of Matt to post for you, I found this:

... and that's why I just vomited a little bit on my mouth....

Now I'll just have to do my best to erase the disgusting images of Matt Lauer walking around in furry, pink kitten heels from my memory by staring at this for the next 7 hours.


  1. he's divorced???? damn, suddenly I find him totally sexy now that he moved to the available category.

  2. Matt Lauer's divorced? I'll be damned. You guys can have him though. He doesn't do anything for me.

  3. There's something wrong with your blog. It keeps kicking me off.