Thursday, April 2, 2009

My new office is pimpin', yo!

So I'm nearly settled into my new work life and my new office. First of all, I love my job. Granted it's only Day 7, but how many people can say that? Second, I'm trying to pimp out my new office gansta-style.

I'm lucky enough to have my new office in Soho, at Broadway and Houston. If you've ever been to this neighborhood, you know what I'm talking about. Beautiful buildings, beautiful people, coffee shops and high-end shops on every corner. The only downside is that it seems that everyone down here smokes. I swear if one more person blows second-hand smoke into my face on the sidewalk I WILL PUNCH THEM IN THE BACK OF THE HEAD!!! Ok, back to happy stuff. So being in Soho, we're in a loft. With 25-ft ceilings, shiny wood floors and big windows that let the sunshine in all day long.

However, my office has no windows and it's at the back of the office, away from the sunlight. However, because it's a loft space I still get a lot of natural light and my desk is situated so I'm looking out the door and out the windows. So no complaints from me. But I have to admit, I'm a bit of an office diva. I like my things "just so". I want all of my office supplies at hand, everything to be organized, an extra chair in my office for visitors and my own printer. I also have ordered a bit of artwork for my walls, a mini-fridge (so I don't have to content with the overfull fridge my co-workers use) and a rug to put my feet on when they get tired. Today I got my whiteboard so I can keep track of what I'm working on and schedule my days out in advance.

I'm pretty psyched about it. I love my office and how it's turning out. It's welcoming and looks like someone uses it. I think some people think that office decoration is a waste of time and money---that it doesn't really matter what is around you and that you should just put your head down and work. But I disagree. I spend a lot of time in my office. I try to get here early and I stay late most nights. I want to enjoy being in it, for it to be comfortable and for others to feel that it is welcoming. So POO ON YOU people who think it's a waste of time and money! That's my two cents.

Here are some pics for your viewing pleasure:

Here is the view from my desk. It was taken at 6pm at night so you don't get the full view of what it looks like when the sun is shining in...

Here is my desk, where I sit my of the day and crunch numbers, spreadsheet in Excel, and general look busy...

Here is my new pillow. Isn't Mr. Parrot cute? He gives my back support...

And this is my robot picture. His name is Parker.

Lastly, the pic at the top of my post is of one of my new pieces of artwork. It's actually from Home Depot... and it was cheap!


  1. Love that new picture! I'm going to have to go to Home Depot and see if I can find it.

    Need some greenery and you are good to go...will they let you paint an accent wall or something though?

  2. I can relive memories through you... I adore our three boys, but often miss my office(s). (At one point I had two - each in great locations.) Glad you're settling in and that you're so happy.

  3. Very nice digs!!

    I would have to have a full new wardrobe for that to work for me. Is that part of the perqs?

  4. i want an office so badly right now

  5. I love your office, I want to trade.

    You ordered a mini-fridge? So how does this work then? Are you paying for it but they have allowed it? Or are you paying for it and they have no say in it? Or are they paying for it? And couldn't Mr Parrot just blow on your drinks to keep them cool?

  6. Yeah, how do you order a mini-fridge? I'd love that. Those floors are amazing!!!! I am jealous. We have industrial gray carpet.
    Glad to hear you got a job!!!! In a cool neighborhood too! Lucky girl!!

  7. I love your office. Am totally jealous.. don't mean to be a downer but I think thats a cockateil not a parrot and I only add it because we had one growing up and it could whistle the Andy Griffith song... that and it masturbated on my sisters hand... no joke, its gross but what was a lonely bird to do- it was something to rub

    And that is really why I pointed out the bird bc I thought you'd get a kick out of the memory or be grossed out, either way I think you'll be happy ;)