Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Funny Shit Wednesday

***Disclaimer: The last picture in this post is SERIOUSLY disturbing. And not at all funny. Proceed at your own risk.

These "cat butt earrings" can be purchased here.

This is totally me. Hypochondria + dry skin = panic attack.

And here's the reason for my disclaimer:

This is really not funny at all. And I pray *TO GOD* that this is photoshopped.

Ok, ok. I know, that was mean to make you look at something that scary. My bad. Here is a little sumthin-sumthin to cheer you up. It's one of my favorite commercials.


  1. Yeah...I'm gonna have nightmares. Although now I'm afraid that the little babies are going to turn around with weird old lady cat face. Bleh.

  2. OUCH! Not what I was expecting ... I "almost" had to look away, yet couldn't.

  3. The babies totally made up for the nasty cat lady pic.

  4. LOL I love the baby commercials

  5. I love that commercial!!!

    And how'd you get my mother in law's picture?!?!?

    Sorry. Couldn't resist. She's actually not quite that cute.

  6. [Staggers about puking, tearing at his hair hoping the pain will burn that image out of his brain]

    Nice of you to show us a picture of your earrings.

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