Thursday, April 30, 2009

Dirty feline talk

So my cat, Hermione, has a boyfriend. But he's online, Twitter specifically. So we don't know if he's actually as attractive as his picture makes him out to be. But he sure is a sweet-talker. Apparently, he's a "ladies man" (or "kitties man") so I advised her to be weary, but she's not listening. He has wooed her and there's no turning back.

His name is Sir Freddie Elvis. And he dresses like a pirate.

When they first met, he wore a black bandana with a skull on it, a gold hoop earring and an eye patch. Which I think had a lot to do with the initial attraction. Hermione has always gone for that hoop earring, tough guy, sword-fighting type. But now he's switched to a more subdued "do me" look, which I think is turning her off a bit.

However, because he's got a British accent and says "arrrr mate-y" a lot, she's trying to see past his new-found wimpiness. Here are some of his tweets to her (I have to keep tabs on her Twitter account or it gets a bit out of hand):

Please take note of MadStoneDog's mean remarks to her. Meanie.

And because Sir Freddie Elvis has changed his look, here are some others whom Hermione will be seeking out for potential lovin':

Have a good Thursday, mate-y!

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  1. LOL 3 looks a bit young but perhaps Hermoine has a bit of cougar in her heritage??