Friday, April 24, 2009

Butt crack: the movie. $5 entry.

Oh, do I have a Friday treat for you!!!

Before you even ask.... Yes. I took this picture. While at the gym. With my iPhone.

This guy is a repeat offender. And yet he continues to let it hang out.

And therefore he deserves to be photographed and then posted all over the Web like a moron.

Notice no one is next to him, as they fear being associated with the "butt crack bandit."

I mean how hard is it to just securely arrange the elastic band of your $10 Target gym shorts above the line where your butt crack shows? Seriously? Don't you feel the wind whipping in and out of there like it's the Grand Canyon? My personal trainer told me that if I went up to him and told him that his butthole was practically showing that she'd give me a free session. Instead, I documented it through photography. While I didn't get a free training session, I did get to share it with you all. Where are my props?

Butt crack guy: if you are reading this, pull up your damn pants! No one wants to look at this:

PS - what is he watching? I didn't know that the gym shows porn! Sah-weet!


  1. Oh wow. I have repeat B.O. and bright red lipstick offenders, but I have yet to see butt crack. Love his socks though! ;op

  2. That is priceless!!!! I may have to start taking my phone with me to the gym so I can post the weirdos too!!!
    I DOUBLE DOG DARE YA to tell him his crack is whack!

  3. My secret obsession is photographing stangers in public with my Blackberry!

  4. shit - i am laughing so hard I can't even comment.

  5. You have a great new diet plan here, Sassy. Just post this picture on the fridge.

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