Friday, March 6, 2009

Update: HFCS consumers in denial (either that or they have flimsy resolve)

This was sent to me by Sass from Are You Sassified? Us sassy girls need to stick together. You should check her out.

Another one, even lamer:

These people are so stupid. These should be commercials for how to crumble under peer pressure, not why HFCS is good for you. Even the Corn Refiners Association says "ONLY IN MODERATION!"


  1. You know, before this week I wasn't even aware of HFCS, blissfully sailing through life munching on my crusty farmhouse. Now, well, now I am an educated man.

    Maybe those peeps had their brains sucked out by zombie's and replaced with HFCS.

  2. I know, I'm like stoneskin up there, walking about blissfully ignorant and NOW I'm seeing HFCS on all of my labels!

    No wonder my little weight loss bar on my blog hasn't been moving.

  3. I've seen all those cheesy commercials of late and I think the key is... if its good only in moderation then why is it in freaking everything! even smart ppl reading labels have trouble avoiding it so whats the solution for busy parents? maybe lots of food options clearly n honestly labelled as made without it at prices ppl can still afford and maybe some reduction in the overindulgence so we can afford to be home cooking once in awhile.. ugh sorry, I just get heated kinda like you when you wrote the original HFCS bit. good 4 u 4 pointing it out to people

  4. Here's my whole problem...

    Centuries ago, if a person was overweight, it was a sign of wealth and prosperity.

    Today, it's the opposite.

    It is nearly impossible to feed a family of 5 healthy foods on a budget. What IS the answer for the average family?


  5. Ha, first time i've seen those ads. If you want to find out what products contain HFCS check out

    Try search for something like "Orange Juice containing High Fructose Corn Syrup" it'll give you a list of 28 orang juices, 5 of which contain HFCS.

    If you do check it out. let us know what you think we're making changes everyday and would love to include your suggestions.

    Hope this helps.

    Anton Xavier CEO