Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Protruding adam's apples equal fun times for all

Last week I did something that could easily be the coolest thing I've ever done in New York City. I received a personal tour of the two dig sites for the new 7 train extension that will transport riders all the way over to the Hudson River/Javitts Center.

My sis-in-law is a bartender and a few of her regulars work on the project and offered to give her a sneak peek. As usual, I forced my into the fun, and told her I'd disown her if she didn't take me along.

When we arrived we were clearly the center of attention. It's not often that two (attractive, if I say so myself) females walk onto the construction site ready for action. After suiting up in hardhats, boots, neon orange vests and safety glasses, we descended into the 110-ft. tunnel shaft by riding down in a cage suspended only by one rope and a crane. The SIL was shitting her pants, while I boogied around and did my "I'm trying to get this boat a-rockin' dance".

Down in the tunnel, we were told to "stay close, hug the wall, and watch out for falling rock and large trucks that may not see you before they run you over." It. Was. Awesome. We saw workers preparing for blasting, engineers working on the $16.5 million tunnel boring machinery that looked like it should be at NASA instead, and pieces of giant hydrolic equipment the size of a 3-story building.

But we learned something down in that tunnel. And I'll tell you what that was. That all men, no matter what the trade, look hot in a uniform when they're dirty, sweaty and working hard. So I'll end this post with a quote from my SIL:

"Man, those tunnel workers were hot. Did you see all those adam's apples???"


  1. watch out for large trucks that may not see you before they run you over

    ahahaaa yikes

  2. Your SIL sounds great! That quote says it all. I dig a good adam's apple too... on a guy, of-course.

  3. My get this boat a-rockin' dance always gets shouted down so I don't do it any more.

    Was that really the "coolest" thing you've ever done?!?!


  4. Whew..I'm so glad this post turned out the way it was. I saw that title and thought "Uh oh, she's had a run-in with someone in drag!"


  5. Oh, and totally love sweaty dirty REAL men! I didn't marry one..but I sure like to look at 'em!