Saturday, March 7, 2009

I'm getting old, or at least that's what Facebook just told me

I got this stupid advertisement targeted to me on Facebook. How do I know it's targeted? Well, all ads on Facebook are. Because members of Facebook fill out detailed profiles, it's super easy for advertisers to know who they are targeting. Example: the day after I changed my status to "Engaged" all I saw for the next 5 months were wedding ads.

But the reason I'm so pissed off is because I was born in 1979, which, yes, is technically the "70's". But c'mon!?!? I am turning 30 in two weeks and you, freakin advertiser, think I need to worry about looking 25!

And what the hell is this woman holding? Is it a baby or a cat? It kinda looks like a baby sloth, does it not? Or an ewok that went on a diet?

PS - This is actually my fourth post/rant about Facebook. The first three were about J-Lo's taco-flavored kisses, a Facebook group called "Raisins, stay the fuck out of my cookies", and my cat's Catbook profiles.

PPS - My next Facebook rant will be about getting crap from my friends for posting to many links to my own blog, and not posting enough updates about my boring day-to-day life. I mean, would you rather listen to me wax philosophical on famished ewoks versus baby sloths or hear about how I just finished a veggie burger for lunch?


  1. I am so with ya Sass! Although my ads say "Women born in the 60's" Blah blah blah....

    I'd still rather read a blog that get a ton of updates on FB status's. My big pet peeve is my sister is an awesome blogger, but she's been taken over by the FB mentality and doesn't blog nearly as much as she used to. I miss that.

  2. I hate the targeted ads too. Half the time they don't make any sense anyway!

  3. you made me go look at facebook bc I honestly just ignore the ads.. I couldn't tell you what was on mine but now I have to know. Here are mine in order : Betcha can't get it right (2 creepy old ppl going to kiss but its actually a chalice/glass between them), An ad to Advertise on FB and Dangle Butterfly earrings. Well I was born in 79 and turn 30 this year as well so out of further curiousity, you know the kind that killed the cat, I clicked more ads....I got 30. It was a bad idea. Mainly IQ or quizzes, I got the born in 70s with pic of JA, whiten teeth, who will i marry (bc I'm desperate to get married right?) and an ad for a company's Bracket pool - weird

  4. PS I think your ad is suppose to be jen aniston holding marley maybe? I dunno they all seem to be Jen Aniston doing something. And then the celeb diet ones, I mean do they need permission to use celeb photo for those?

  5. You're funny. You should see the ads I GET on FB. Makes me feel like I'm 110!

    I'm kind of liking your new blog design, although I'm generally not a fan of white text - I find it difficult to read, although the grey background is easier on the eyes (vs. white text on a black background). The pink font in your header is pretty, but I'd be interested to see a different color - maybe not neon... Just thinking. (I like to play with design and color too... you're on the right track!)

  6. What a silly question.

    I want you to wax philosophical on famished ewoks versus baby sloths every single time.


    Every single time.

  7. I can safely say I will never join Facebook.

    Like the new banner. Argyle Skull, is that for all the hardcore Preppies? Since you asked, I could live without the red text.

  8. I got that ad to. It also annoyed me. I vote for blog posts over facebook updates.

  9. Since I put myself in a relationship on facebook, I've gotten nothing but engagement ring ads (well, and the occasional "lose 20 lbs.!" ad). We're going on 18 months of hardcore "get married IMMEDIATELY" messages from facebook. Facebook is worse than my mom.

  10. I get this ad too on FB, and it's insulting! I still look good. And isn't the "woman" Jennifer Aniston? Or do I need to get my 1970's eyes checked?