Monday, March 9, 2009

I had dejabrew with an i-Peeper

I love, love, love Urban Dictionary. I don't just love them because they're my go-to when I don't understand what a cool, young person is saying to me. But I love them because I can peruse the site all day long and then pull crazy unintelligible sentences out of my ass. For example:

"I was late because I had Kitchenhiemer's while wearing my prostiboots and then fell apart like a Robert Hall suit because I tripped and ate it on my face."


"Man, you need to get your shit in one sock. You smell like you ate a box of assholes."


"Get that butterfist away from me."

What's your favorite saying that no one understands?


  1. "Well ain't that cute...but it's WRONG!"

    Actually, it's quite easy to understand and stolen from 2 Stupid Dogs.

  2. My Jill likes to say that she's so mad, she could punch a baby.

    Unfortunately, most people nod in agreement.