Thursday, March 26, 2009

Another reason to get an iPhone: ugly-ass bootie call prevention

Apparently, iPhone has a new app that allows you to block outbound calls to certain people during certain times. E.g. if you know that you tend to call your asshole ex-boyfriend when you've had one shot of tequila too many, or if after one beer too many you will call that pimply-faced friend you normally wouldn't share a straw with for a hook up, you can prevent yourself from headed down the path of regret with this app.

How awesome is that?!!!

However, I prefer to use it for other purposes. Rather than bootie call while I'm drunk, I tend to head in more of a fill-my-ass-up-with-lots-of-saturated-fats direction. I go for late night pizza, cheesy fries, or the dreaded... nachos! (Oh, nachos, how I love thee. Especially when slathered in sour cream and guacamole goodness.) So I would use this app to block myself from calling for a late night delivery.

Now I just need them to come up with an iPhone app that will send me an electric shock every time I put a nacho to my tongue...


  1. Forget that, why not just electolise (made up word probably, maybe just say 'charge') nachos?

  2. OMG, an anti-drunk dialing device??? That is so awesome. I've never drunk dialed, but I know people who have. I totally need an i-Phone so I can add all kinds of Apps that I'll never use!

  3. hahaha wow. there is officially an app for everything.

  4. I so wish there was IPhones on Verizon :( I want one terribly!

  5. I read that Gmail is doing that can lock yourself out from email during certain times, or have to solve math problems before you can hit send! LOL

    I gripe out my brother-in-law while I'm drunk on the phone...I should probably block that.

  6. um, yeah, I'm putting in my order. I'd like one in red.