Monday, February 23, 2009

Failing and succeeding with Mom; this week's S2S Award (alternate title: all of my creative brain cells have left the building)

Well, the visit with mom went well. We had a great time just bombing around the city. We did go shopping one afternoon, and I quote, she was "impressed by my self control at Anthropologie." I only got one shirt that totally looked vintage and had ornate pearl beading around the neckline and a pair of pajama pants---*BOTH* were on sale. Score!

I did, however, fail ultimately when I purchased a new handbag that I just fell in love with at first site. I mean, who wouldn't fall for this Kooba bag that is slouchy yet angular at the same time? And it's blue!

Mom and I went to the movies and saw Defiance, with Daniel Craig. In case you've forgotten, he's in my Top 3 Celebrities I Want To Do (along with Tony Bourdain and Shia Labeouf). Defiance was ridiculously sad *and* amazing. It is truly a story worth telling, and I urge you all to see it. What surprised me was Liev Schriber's performance. He truly matched Daniel Craig, and I wouldn't be surprised if either of them were up for an Oscar at next year's awards.

And about those Oscar's... who watched it? My favorite part is always the red carpet. And my favoriate channel to watch the red carpet on is E! Entertainment because they focus on all the materialistic crap that I like to nitpick. Plus, I think Ryan Seacrest is super cute for an in-the-closet-homosexual.

But wasn't Hugh Jackman great?!?! I really liked how the producers of this year's Oscar's went back to basics. They chose a real "entertainer" to host (and not some comedian who just makes fun of everyone in the audience to the point of ackwardness). I honestly think that he's the best host we've seen since Billy Crystal, and perhaps, he's even better than good 'ole Billy! The stage design was gorgeous, and I loved the format of the show–especially how they had past winners of the best supporting and best actor/actress roles present this year's nominees. But what really got me worked up was that I haven't seen even ONE of the movies that was nominated for best film this year! Where have I been? Has my head been in the sand? My new mission: watch all 2008 Oscar nominees for best film. And stat.


Oh, and this week's S2S Award for Superlative Blogging goes to someone who truly makes me a little more "zen" each time I visit her... someone who creates karmic balance in this blog-eat-blog world, and someone who will soon be one of those bloggers-turned-authors but who will NOT forget us little people when she makes it big. And that someone is...

My dearest Braja from LOST AND FOUND IN INDIA.

She is so engaging with her readers, is a devoted follower, and truly belongs in this blogosphere. If you don't already follower her, you should. Now that's an order. Love y'all!

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  1. Wait a minute, were you watching the same Oscars as I was?!?! That musical number with Beyonce was a disaster. Someone please tell Beyonce not to lip sync ever again and don't even get me started on her hips god ..

    OK, now I'm being caddy. Sorry. Bad hippie bad.