Monday, February 16, 2009

S2S is back again

I like this award because there is no tagging, no lists, and no vague descriptions about what the award stands for. It's pure and simple: it's from me to you, saying you rock and I love you just a little too much.

I try to mix up the award recipients with bloggers you know and love and ones that you may not have heard of or follow. But this week's superlative blogger is someone you're sure to already be following. I'm not just giving this award to her because she's got a great blog that makes me laugh every day, or because I wholeheartedly agree with her straight-up philosophy (and on the rocks), but because she is a good person and it shows through her blog. She's kind, honest, funny and cares about her readers. Now, all this sappy sentimental crap aside, let's congratulate:

VodkaMom from I Need A Martini Mom!

Plus, even her profile pic makes my sides hurt! (And yes, I think this may really be her in all of her flexible glory.)


  1. Yes it is her, showing her flashy ass off again. Oh, and did I just KICK THAT ASS?? Why yes! Yes I DID!!! HA!! lol...

  2. It REALLY is her! She was a gymnast. There's nothing false about Deb - she's as real as they come. And she has amazing hair!

  3. You are amazing!! And yes, that WAS me!!!!!

    If only I could STILL do that.

  4. Chris- i LOVE the hair comment. LOVE IT!!