Friday, February 27, 2009

The mystery of the butt-licking cat... and MORE!

I don't find myself scanning YouTube that often (unless I'm on a mission to find you, my dear readers, the best video of people falling on their faces ever). But when I do, I find myself watching a lot of the animated clips.

For those of you dog lovers, this is a perfect example of how they don't know what's best for them like a cat does. Just like frat boys, some dogs just don't have a shut off valve.

Somehow I stumbled across this preview to an animation coming out soon.

It's kinda gross.... yet intriguing. You can bet that I'll be posting the full video once it's available... cause we *have* to find out what happens to the little fat man! I wonder if my cats have little fat men with mustaches up their butts? Cause it would explain all of the butt licking...


Oh, and tomorrow shall yield interesting blog fodder, as I'm attending the 2nd Annual New York Wine Expo. Last year just us girls went and we closed the Expo down by begging the Seven Deadly Zins guys for extra tastes and stuffing our faces with quesadillas and frozen yogurt that we don't remember eating. So, tune in Sunday or Monday, depending on how hungover I am on Sunday, for a full update.


  1. "I don't find myself scanning YouTube that often"?

    Yeah. Right.

    Knock back a glass of Rioja for me will you please.

  2. Destiny: For some inexplicable reason, I was drawn to the computer this morning, instead of to the porch step to retrieve the newspaper first. If you keep up with those videos, I'm definitely canceling my subscription.

    P.S. Thank's for a wonderful jump on a new day!

  3. Butt licking cats? I knew I liked coming here for a reason :)

  4. OH! Wine expos!!! My fav!!!! Lucky!

  5. Those two videos were cute.


    But very cute!

    Have a nice out for your weather. It's going to be really yucky in a couple of days.

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