Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Mexico or bust, Part II

After a night of too much food and copious amounts of Argentinian wine, we were off to Verana, the whole reason for this trip to the Southern Pacific coast of Mexico in the first place.

After a 45 minute ride in Sonia's car, and a 30 minute boat ride, we arrived at Verana. Well, sort of. We had to hike 15 minutes straight up the jungled mountain to get there.

{A welcoming sign to Yelapa tourists, and Verana guests.}

When we arrived at the top we were breathless, not just because of the hike, but because of the unparalleled view. We had a direct view of the Bay as it meets the endless Pacific. This view, that caused us to inhale just a little deeper, was what we woke up to each morning we were there.

{A view of the Bay and the Pacific from under the umbrella of our lunchtime dining spot.}

One of the things that makes Verana distinct is that it's so much more than a hotel. There are only 10 houses that are occupied at any given time, each uniquely designed with its own theme. We stayed in La Palapa, an open-air structure that housed two beds with mosquito netting under a giant palm roof, an outdoor shower, and plenty of space to relax and take in the scenery. Despite the rusticity and raw nature of the jungle, we had hot water, flushing toilets, privacy, and breakfast brought to our doorstep each morning (well, we didn't have a door, so it was brought to our Palapa step.)

{One of the beds in our Palapa, where we slept at night with the mosquito netting down.}

{The second bed in our Palapa. Both had an incredible view of the water and surrounding jungle.}

{At night, light dances in our Palapa.}

{The dining area at night, which was enclosed by a bar, a lounge area, and the stars.}

{Steps like these were everywhere, and were the only way to get from one place to another at Verana.}

{The infinity pool that looks towards the Bay. Just behind the pool is a lone deck chair–this is where we practiced yoga in the mornings, on a floating platform surrounded by pure jungle.}

Each morning we awoke peacefully, letting the parrots and mockingbirds naturally wake us up at our own pace. We would drink our coffee and tea and decide what to do that day: go on an adventure, chill by the pool, fill up our spiritual tank by taking a yoga class, or rejuvenate at the spa. It was really all one could do to decide between these options.

{Morning sunrise from our Palapa.}

{Huge flocks of these parrots swarmed from tree to tree all day long.}

Our first full day there, we went to the Marietas Islands. We were joined by another couple that we had quickly befriended and a guide. During the Winter it is whale season in this part of Mexico, so we could not have had better timing if we wanted to see a whale up close.

On the way to the islands, we happened upon a pod of more than 200 Spinner dolphins. It goes without saying that this is rare site, and even our guide was elated. For more than 20 minutes, the boat frolicked with the dolphins, playfully speeding up and slowing down. Everywhere we looked they were jumping out of the water, cutting in front of the bow of the boat, and playing games with one another.

{Notice the beautiful Marietas Islands in the background.}

Moments later we saw our first of many whales. We ended up seeing about 15-20 whales per day just from the Verana vista. We saw them gently blow the water from their blowholes, as well as fully breaching before slamming back into the water for a deep dive to the ocean floor.

A 45 minute boat ride and we found ourselves at Marietas, where we spent a few hours sunning on the beach, cooling off in the surf, and eating freshly chopped ceviche for lunch. It was truly a pleasurable day in ever sense of the word.

On day two, we relaxed at the spa in preparation for our nuptials, which were scheduled for the following day. Mr. T and I each had three treatments, which lasted the entire afternoon. That day, we left the spa exfoliated, scrubbed, rubbed, relaxed and pretty much sparkly.

On day three we had our wedding ceremony in the late afternoon, just when the sun would start to set and the light would be perfect. We had no idea, until we got to Verana, that we would be experiencing a traditional Aztec wedding ceremony to be performed by a shaman in the old ways. It was pretty amazing. I'll tell you all about it...


Let me just leave you with this warm place for today's daydreams...


  1. That was amazing!! If I did not have family responsibilities I would move in. Of course I would need to win Powerball first! What a great Weddingmoon!

  2. Amazing! I think it's so cool you two were able to experience this. Your pictures are great. My parents lived in South America for a few years and I remember the flocks of beautiful birds flying free - and realized I'd only seen parrots and other exotic colorful birds in cages. I'm looking forward to tomorrow's post.

  3. WOW SO AWESOME! dude love the photos. and I'm totally jealous.

  4. Ok seriously those pictures are so freaking amazing... the dolphins are beautiful, the view from your house spectacular and the descriptions made me sigh! Can't wait for the next post. Also, how in the world did you find this place?

  5. Amazing pictures! I can't wait to hear about the ceremony :)

  6. Ooh I am so jealous! That place just looks BEAUTIFUL!!!

  7. I am aSTOUNded by these shots! First of all, tell me the wedding sex was kinky in those ouside beds! Am I right? And the PARROTS! DOLPHINS! Oh my god, how did you not DIE with excitement?

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