Thursday, February 12, 2009

Is *jumping the shark* like riding the baloney poney?

So you might be wondering where the phrase *jumped the shark* comes from?

Well, if you must know, it comes from one of the final episodes of Happy Days, where Fonzi (supposed 'coolest man on TV'... at the time) was waterskiing and had to jump an actual shark. UrbanDictionary states that when a TV show *jumps the shark* it marks the point at which the show reaches its creative peak and is all downhill from there. So there you have it. Onto my recent *jump the shark* moment.

If you didn't already get the hint from my "baloney poney" reference in the title, the show that recently jumped the shark was Bones. I really like this show because it incorporates crime investigation with a flirty wittiness that occurs between Bones (Temperance Brennan) and agent Seeley Booth (yes, his character's name is actually Seeley... I know, lame-o). They really do have great chemistry and the show is your typical I-just-want-them-to-get-it-over-with-and-fuck-already scenario.

So Temperance is called "Bones" by everyone because her specialty is forensic anthropology, or in English, she solves crimes by looking at the bones of murder victims. The show has had all of your typical plot lines: family members being murderers, co-workers falling in love, characters being abducted and being buried alive, and so on. But last week, they took the show to a whole new level of ridiculousness, like 5 levels higher.

The premise of last week's show was this: Bones and Booth are forced to go undercover as a Russian knife-throwing circus act in order to catch the killer of conjoined twins. Even though the conjoined twins performed as jugglers in the circus, there was absolutely NO evidence that someone within the circus killed them. Yet Bones and Booth HAD to go undercover. The psychologist, Dr. Sweets (another realistic name) who works in their office (why would a psychologist work in a forensic anthropology lab you ask? Just one of the mysteries of Bones) tells them that no one in the circus will talk to them because it is a tight community. How does Dr. Sweets know this, you might ask? Well, apparently his mother was in the circus and Dr. Sweets grew up in the circus world. Coincidence, huh? And Booth is ex-military and therefore has the ability to throw a knife with precise accuracy, so they convince the ringmaster (in horrible, over dramatized Russian accents) to let them perform for one show, to see if he likes them. Booth is all dressed up in a fur coat, tight black pants and a fuzzy Russian hat (what are those called again?), and Bones is in a leotard and wears an eye patch because Booth accidentally hit her in the eye with a giant clown mallet. Seriously folks, could it get any more ridiculous? Not only that, but they rig a Webcam to the ropes of the circus tent so their co-workers back at the lab can watch their knife throwing performance. So we watch their co-workers cheer them along as Booth chops fruit in half as it precariously sits on Bones' head.

Here is the entire episode if you feel that you MUST watch this brick of an episode.

For your enjoyment, here is an actual clip of Fonzi jumping the shark in his leather jacket and 70's swimming trunks that look like tightie-whities.

PS - how would that dinky little life preserver around his waist save him? It's like he's wearing an arm-floatie around his waist?

I've kinda always wished I was a circus performer. But only if it were centuries ago, like in the 1700 or 1800's. I would probably be a tightrope walker. I have flat feet, so they would be good to grasp the ropes with. Either that or I would be relegated to standing at the entrance with my skirt pulled up to my waist, trying to entice sleazy drunk men to buy a ticket to the show. Which would also be kinda cool.


  1. I vividly remember watching the Happy Days episode with my parents and younger brother. We used to water ski in the 70s with those goofy life preservers. I remember them well.

    I don't watch Bones, but the episode you describe sounds laughable.

  2. I watch Bones, and that was a pretty lame episode. This week's was weak too, with the Grave Digger being a woman FBI agent. WEAK.
    And Sweets works for the FBI, not the lab.

  3. The Russian hats are called Ushanka.

    Good to find another fan of Bones. I love this show, but yeah, like many other shows on right now (Heroes, Nip/Tuck, et al), Bones has gotten a little ridiculous of late.

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