Thursday, February 26, 2009

Damn you Blogger--- you've ruined my measly following!!

I don't know what happened, or when, but Blogger is on my shit list. Apparently, they rolled out this new "Follower" gadget and in the meantime some people got bumped from the blogs that they follow. So I went back and started following all of my peeps again (if I forgot you, please just shoot me an email).

But pretty please with extra Fat Free Cool Whip on top check and make sure you're still following me! And if not, why aren't you???

PS - just so this post isn't entirely self promotional, here is a little tidbit about Jerry Seinfeld starting a new reality show about marriage... sounds promising.


  1. There have been loads of posts in the blogsphere about this, the most commented on topic I think!

    Would you like me to actually "follow" just to help the numbers back up? ;)

  2. With all your comments and compliments I will have to follow you then.

    Of course, I could just be a pregnant woman in a leotard.

  3. I like some things about it, but cripes, they could have warned us.

  4. Mo. Thanks dude. I'm totally going to reuse your reference to "pregotards" over and over again...

    Christine: I haven't heard anyone say "cripes" in ages. Well done.

  5. WHAT a way to get people to FOLLOW you!! Wish I'd thought of it first. Actually, I was freaked out when I saw my followers leaving me. I had to think: ouch. Then I had to think WHAT could I have done to piss so many people off, and, well, since I do that daily, I was just happy to find out that other people's count was going down too.

  6. I agree. I am still following you.

    Are you still followig me?

  7. I'm following ya Sassy!


  8. It happened to everyone. And, hey, 51 is not measly.