Monday, January 5, 2009

Whoa! I'm back!

Wow. I feel guilty.

I haven't posted since 12/27/08. And now it's 1/5/09. Shame. On. Me. How I've missed you all!!! I can't wait to read all of your recent posts!

So the holiday season was a whirlwind of travel, as usual. We spent Christmas with Mr. T's family, then went home to Mass to visit my family for three days. Then we came back to NYC for a night, before heading back out to NJ to see Mr. T's family again for New Year's. Craziness, I tell you. The ones who suffered the most were our poor kitties who were without us for days on end. Rest assured, they have each other so it's easier to feel guiltless about it.

So much has happened, where do I start? Maybe I'll resort to my good ole method of bulleting every out for you.

1. I made out like a bandit this year with presents. Apparently, I was a very good girl this year. Among many wonderful presents, I got an actual truffle, vacuumed-sealed and everything, as well as a bag of saffron the size of my fist. I can't wait to cook wonderful dishes with these.

2. I didn't get a Wii for Christmas. Again. Bah-humbug.

3. The cats only broke one Christmas tree ornament.

4. When visiting my grandparents, my grandmother wanted us to have something nice to drink with dinner. She said she had wine in the cellar, as well as behind the clothes dryer?!? We discovered more than a dozen bottles of wine that date back at least 20 years. Like many from their generation, they lived through the Great Depression, horde everything in large quantities, and never throw anything out. Every single bottle was think and brown and color. We opened each one, only to discover that they were vinegar. We actually poured one into a glass, and my grandmother proceeded to sniff it with great zest. She commented, "It smells like medicine.... with ether." After this description, she proceeded to take a sip, smack her lips, and say, "It's not so bad."

5. On New Year's Eve I "tied one on". I wasn't planning to drink a lot, and I'm not a big New Year's celebrator, but boy, was I hurting on January 1st. Apparently, shortly after midnight I was discovered in the kitchen, along with my future-sis-in-law, chugging an entire bottle of champagne, because OH NO! we couldn't go to bed without finishing the entire bottle. Feeling like crap is not a great way to ring in the new year.

6. I completely failed against my pre-New Year's resolution to watch every George Romero zombie movie. Not only did I not watch every one, but I didn't even watch one in its entirely. Woe is me.

7. My bachelorette party was this past Saturday night. It was nothing too crazy (e.g. there were no strippers or general naughtiness), but man oh man, I have great friends and family. They went to great lengths to plan this thing and make it perfect. However, I do want to post tomorrow IN DETAIL about this event, as it's well worth the wait.

Happy New Year to you all!


  1. Wow! An actual truffle? That's better than jewelry in my book. Let us know what all you do with it.

    Never apologize for tending to life vs. blogging - we have to live a little in order to be able to blog a little. Right? We've all been "living" lately, per my observations... that's a good thing.

    Happy new year to you too and can't wait to hear more about your bachelorette party. Your wedding day approaches! How exciting!

  2. One year at Christmas, one of our cats got locked in the downstairs apartment for 3 days with no food or water. Talk about guilt! But, as long as they have food & water, usually they can go a while without us.

    Happy new Year!

  3. Crap! I really wanted to read in great detail how rockin' 120 year old wine tastes.
    As for bringing in the new year with a hangover, if you do it every year you never know there is a different way!
    Oh and a little funny for ya. I tried clicking on your link from my blog, it didn't work so I typed in your web page address only I ended up typing sassy two cocks! Thank goodness I caught it before I hit enter. I can't imagine what that web address would bring up!

  4. First of all, I am inexplicably terrified of truffles. Please take a photo and post it here along with a description of what it feels like and what it tastes like.

    Secondly, it's practically a law that you have to be a hurtin' unit on NY Day.

    And in conclusion, if anyone ever throws me a bachelorette party with NO strippers, they will be fired as my friends. FIRED.

  5. glad to hear you had a great holiday!

    and here's wishing you an even better 2009! :)