Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Twisted Toys, Day 5: Symptom toys

Tired of feeling depressed? Do you have an itchy scalp? Or shortness of breath? Well, these pills are just what you need!

Pills are wonderful and awful at the same time. While pills like Xanax do wonders for a scaredy-cat flyer air traveler, like myself, the overprescribing of antibiotics and Ritalin is scary. I am very weary to take antibiotics unless absolutely necessary because you can develop an immunity to them, and then someday if you really need them, they might not work. Scary stuff.

And because I grew up with a father who's an internist (and because of my tendency for hypochondria), I will share a bit of knowledge with you: how to know if you need antibiotics. If you have a head cold or a flu-like illness, you need to check your nasal drainage, aka. boogies or snots. If they are clear, you are fine. If you wake up in the morning and it's yellow, but then it goes to clear during the day, you are fine. If they are yellow, gray, green or anything other than clear for a day or two straight, you need antibiotics. Other than that, when dealing with colds and flus, there is no need to take them.

*** Disclaimer: I am NOT a doctor, nor to I profess to be, so taking my advice may result in prolonged illness, difficulty swallowing, or death. ***

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