Sunday, January 18, 2009

Twisted Toys, Day 3: Bloody Sock Puppets

There's something about a sock puppet that is "old school" and makes you a little nostalgic. But when they look like this, it's hard to reminisce about the old days.

I particularly like the unicorn disemboweling the teddy bear. And the unicorn is pink! It's so deceiving. If I were a cuddly little teddy bear, I would never suspect a cute, pink unicorn of being a homicidal maniac. Very stealth, unicorn. Very stealth indeed.


  1. As a "cat person" that cat certainly doesn't deserve to be road kill ... that's just wrong.

  2. Bad unicorn!!! That teddy bears mother will find you and wipe that smirk of your pink fabric face.;-)

  3. Again, with the rabbits and the carrots! Oh my god, I didn't even see this until after my zombie rabbit comment! Clearly there is more to be "unearthed" along this "vein". Ha. Muahahaha. Clearly I need a nap.