Monday, January 12, 2009

This week's winner goes to a true, heartless competitor

This week's award goes to a blogger who has something I truly admire, a little thing I like to call.... relentless competitiveness. This girl ain't going down without a fight. She'll shove you out of the way, steal your car keys, or trample little puppies to get to the finish line before you. Ah, people, this is truly something we should each strive for.

I didn't give her the first ever S2S Award because I wanted to torture her, and teach her that sometimes it's okay to NOT come in first.

And the third winner of the S2S: For Superlative Blogging Award goes to...

Chrisy from Csquaredplus3!

One single post of Chrisy's turned me into an avid follower--- it's called The Competitive Couple.
Before I read the post I thought this was about how married/non-married couples become competitive with each other. E.g. how my best friend always kicks her husband's ass at Wii Fit just because she can, or how I relish in beating Mr. T at Scrabble multiple times in a row, or like this couple, or like Brad and Angelina in Mr. & Mrs. Smith (man, I loved that movie).

Let me paraphrase her post for you, and then you can head on over there for a read: A new couple joined Chrisy's fairly small gym. Her gym has exactly 3 elliptical machines, so it wasn't possible for this couple and Chrisy and her friend to all be on the ellipticals at the same time (for the mathematically challenged, 4 people don't fit on 3 ellipticals at the same time). But this couple liked to be side by side so they could talk, as did Chrisy and her friend. What started out as a friendly competition of showing up earlier and earlier to get the dual ellipticals turns into a cutthroat face off. Don't forget to read her follow up post, Fake Smiles Can Cut Like A Knife, where her friend prevents her from actually beating this competitive couple once and for all.

My official stance was that she should have swung by the couples' house on the way to the gym and slashed their tires.

Welp, there you have it. Chrisy - I think I've filled my linkback quote for you for like ten years, seeing as I link to you four times in about 300 words. Congrats!


  1. Congrats to Chrisy. Sounds like a hilarious post.I hope she takes that couple down.

  2. I humbly thank you Sweet Sassy Two Socks. I wish I could have the orange polka dot skirt and the adorable socks for real.

    It's funny to hear you call me "Chrisy" instead of "Chris". Usually people who've known me for decades call me "Chrisy" - interesting that that's the name the you identify with me. Just means me you love me like my Mama!

    Thank you, thank you! Now go get married!

    XO, Chris(y)

    PS: I'm really not that competitive. Honest.

  3. Congratulations to Chris(y) on her prestigious award! I'd just like to remind everyone that I got the award first. FIRST! You hear that? I beat you!!

    And yes, I think you should go get married now, 2Sox