Monday, February 2, 2009

Make your best pucker face, sucker

Today I'm going with my latest trend: Awards Monday.

We'll start with an award I received before my unexpected blogging hiatus (what I'm now referring to as "the blogging hiccup of 2009").

My friend Courtney at Blogging Matilda and I go back about 17 years. And no, that's not why she gave me this award–it's because my blog rocks! Notice I'm her #1! Woo! (I know everyone is into this "Woo" or "Woot" thing, but I just love it regardless.) Her blog is great. You should check it out. She's super into home decor and general craftiness. Plus, I love that she changes her header often enough to keep me interested. (Love ya, Court!)

I am supposed to nominate at least 10 blogs which show GREAT ATTITUDE and/or GRATITUDE!

Wow. This is a big task. To pick 10 is a lot. But to only pick 10 is also hard! So here it goes, in no particular order:

(feel free to give yourself a shout out in the comments if you think I neglected to pick you and now you won't read my blog anymore because of it)

Crude and Feckless Just read it. He's like crack. But better for you.

She Just Walks Around With It Her ass, that is. Makes you want to read it, huh? Meagan
I don't know why I'm drawn to this girl. I think she needs her own reality show.

Blogonoscopy I've given this guy an award before, and he ignore me! So I've decided he's a jerk. But he's funny shit. What does that say about me?

La Belette Rouge This is one classy lady. I love that she's used her blog as an outlet to heal herself from the inside out. Plus, she has a cute new puppy at home. Bonus!

just another ink-stained wretch I've been reading her for a while, but her Holiday Shopping Series pulled me in for good. It's also what inspired my recent Twisted Toys series.

LBluca77 Not sure what her blog title means, but she's one funny chick. Don't forget to check out her TMI Thursdays. They are a riot.

I Need a Martini Mom Deb is great. So great, in fact, that I believe she'll end up one of those famous bloggers who writes books and stuff, and then travels the country wooing people and drinking too much wine at readings. But I'll still love her (despite any resentment I harbor).

Lost and Found in India If I had to describe Braja's blog in three words: Zen. Photography. Cows. Go now.

And the 10th blogger to receive the "Make Your Best Pucker Face Award" (formerlly know as "The Lemonade Stand Award" but I renamed it) also receives the prestigious weekly S2S Award: For Superlative Blogging:

She's Lump I love this girl. She should have gotten an award from me long ago. Don't be fooled, though. There are no lumps in this girl's groove. She's smooooooth as butter.... or silk... or a baby's bottom... or a pina colada... whatever you're into...

On another note, you may be wondering why I didn't dedicated an entry to the Super Bowl today. Well, I do like football, but only if the Patriots or Giants are involved. Though I did watch it out of the corner of my eye last night, whilst I finished the final Twilight series book, Breaking Dawn. A few items of note:

1. The half-time show was lame. I'm pretty sure I remember Bruce Springstein opening his performance with these words: "Put down that guacomole. Put down that chicken finger. And turn that TV up!" Lame.

2. Most of the commercials were lame. E.g. Danica Patrick selling out only to participate in ads that include too much breastage (is that a word?) for GoDaddy. Except two: the CareerBuilder one with the lady screaming in her car and the koala that gets punched in the face. Very crafty, CareerBuilder; and the Hulu commercial with Alec Baldwin. Hysterical! Here they are, for your enjoymenet (which is why I'm here after all.)

3. And lastly, I truly am in love with the Twilight series. It really does rival Harry Potter. And although I haven't seen the movie yet, I hear it was bad, which stinks because it could be really good. But now I'm left craving another book, after having read the first four. It's Harry Potter madness all over again.

Til tomorrow folks.


  1. Congrats!!!!!Thank you so much, Sassy!! I am honoured to receive this award from you. It is so nice to be in such lovely company.

  2. Thanks so much!

    Feel free to come over and pee on Tinkles anytime!

  3. I'm with you on the Superbowl summary. Snore.

    I'm also with you on your two commercial picks. Hysterical!

    Lots of links today, My Dear. Just checked out your pal Lump - pretty, pretty! I'll chip away at the rest - except Deb and Braja - already have them in my Reader! Thanks MRS. Newlywed Sassy Two Socks!

  4. Those were both pretty funny. Glad I didn't have to sit through the Super Bowl. Alec Baldwin is aging like William Shatner. So sad.

  5. I loved the screaming lady AND the Hulu commercial. We're like ::this::, you and me! Welcome back

  6. Thanks!! However, I'll be drinking VODKA!!!

    We missed the hell out of you Saturday. p.s.

  7. Thanks Sassy. And I'll be cleaning up after Vodka Mom.... :)

  8. Oh thank you so much for the award. I do love awards. You are fabulous yourself.

    My blog title means that I came up with the name really fast when i never thought I would get into this "blogging" thing. It took no imagination at all and now I am stuck with it. Oh well.

    Thanks again!

  9. Hey Sassy, thanks for the award. Also thank you for comparing my blog to crack. Probably one of the nicest things anyone ever said to me...

  10. say what?? I get this again? OHMYGOD HIGH FIVE!