Friday, January 9, 2009

Just pretend you like reading this

I haven't posted about my cats, or cats in general, in a while. Mostly to spare you. But just indulge me every once in a blue moon, alright people?!

My baby kitten, Tonks, is turning into a giant. When we first brought her home, at 8 weeks, she was very tiny for her age (a mere 1.5 lbs). And she looked like a bat. At first we thought that our first-born kitten, her big sister, Hermione (Hermy, for short), would kick her ass and break her in two. But she was tough. Tonks stood her ground, fought back, and played hard. Now she rules the house, and everyone in it. In the 2 months that we've had her she's more than quadrupled in size! Most kittens are supposed to weigh a pound per month in age. She's 4 months old and well over 5 lbs. Plus, her tail is freakishly long, so we think she's going to be a very big girl.

Now they love each other more than they love us. They prance around, chase each other, groom each other, romp around as if they were one giant ball of intermingled fur, share food and toys, and occasionally clean each other's butts. Now that's a true sign of love! (Mr. T - NO! I will not clean your butt as a sign of my undying affection. Not even on our honeymoon! No matter how many times you ask!)

Look at this little baby Tonks. She's such a muffin.

And this is my big girl, Hermy. Her markings are gorgeous because she's a Tortoise Shell, which also means she's oober-fiesty (and bitchy).

And yes {sigh}, let's go through the motions again. Yes. We named both of our cats after Harry Potter characters. Yes. We're giant dorks. Yes. We've read the books like 8 times each. And yes. We plan to read them all again sometime soon. And no. Mr. T would NOT let me name her Severus instead of Tonks.

This video absolutely cracked me up. I WISH! I had a treadmill so I could see if my cats would do this. They would probably just tumble off again and again, which would actually be even funnier.

And now I'm here to bring you your daily/weekly/annual dose of cuteness. You can thank me later (or now, by leaving me a comment).


  1. OMG! What cute kitties!
    So lets get this straight. We both adore cats, we are both HP junkies. Were we seperated at birth?

  2. I love cats.

    Did I mention I love cows? :))

  3. Where do you find such HILARITY?!?!!? That was good!

  4. Tonks is adorable. No need to limit the kitty posts. LOVE them!!!!

  5. You need to fatten that cat up. I love a fat cat.

  6. Now you just need Luna! (But that would need to be a dreamy, space-cadet-y kind of kitty...)
    (Can you tell we're a Potter household too?)

  7. Your site just ate my comment :(
    What I said WAS....
    Bella loves to got to the front of the treadmill while you are running, and drops her toys on the belt, just to watch them shoot out the back :)

  8. thank you for the cute
    it made me giggle - actually out loud
    now hubby thinks i'm a freak,
    but that's ok

  9. They are ADORABLE. and I'm a dog person......

  10. Dude.....dude. That video is freaking hilarious. Is it strange that I don't think there is any such thing as too many cats? They are just SO LOVEABLE. Stuffed animals for adults, I'm tellin' ya..