Monday, December 8, 2008

A visual review of my not-so-typical Sunday

Yesterday was started out like any other Sunday. A lazy day to get errands done and relax close to home. One of those errands was to purchase and decorate a Christmas tree. Rather than tell you about how yesterday's Sunday turned out to be not-so-normal, I'll show you, through pictures and videos.

Here is the gorgeous tree we picked out. It's a Frasier Fir. It's rather balanced and well-shaped, if you ask me.

This is the tree all dolled up. I saw the use of ribbon being wrapped around the tree on HGTV recently, so I thought I'd give it a go. It's a shame you can't see the top of the tree here, because I improvised and used sprigs of gold branches covered in feaux pearls. I really dislike the use of angels on the top of the tree. Not only am I very un-religious, but I always feel like the angel is watching me, following me around the room. It creeps me out.

This is only Mr. T and I's second Xmas living together. Prior to that, we had our own trees at our own apartments. We both like to work with a "theme" for our tree. One year it was handmade pinecone ornaments, one year he laquered citrus fruit slices, and one year he decided on a New York Yankees tree, with pinstriped blue and white lights. WHICH WAS AWFUL! Because I'm a die-hard Red Sox fan. He was sweet enough to make me my own red socks ornaments by hand. We named it the rivalry tree. Now, each year we put one ornament of each on the tree, next to eachother, in honor of ability to love each other despite our vastly different taste in baseball teams.

Even the cats joined in on the decorating action.

This year's theme was "red and gold". A couple more shots of the finished product. Boy, the iPhone takes a good photograph.

The FBIL (future-bro-in-law) joined us for the trimming of the tree. During the festivities, we drank Whiskey Sours, our traditional family Yuletide drink (only to be drunk from Thanksgiving to Christmas).

Usually, we only have one Whiskey Sour each, before moving onto wine. Yesterday, we had a few more than that (let's say.... three or four... each?), thus throwing us into a 4-hour dance party. There was a lot of air-guitaring.

We wore funny hats.

I danced on the furniture.

We listened to everything from U2 to Metallica to hip-hop to Brazilian Girls to Fergie to Guns 'n' Roses to 80's.
[I apologize in advance for the horrible videography.]

At one point, I even busted out my voilin from when I was a teenager and was running around pretending to play it like a guitar.

My calves are sore today. Too much dancing.

Mr. T explained why he hated Dave Matthews so much. (Sorry, Matilda!). And then gave us his best imitation.


  1. Well. I can see you had a good time and all, but you better confine that to your loungeroom, cos you bring that shindig here, girly, and here's what you'll be gettin'...

  2. looks like fun over at your place. Love the air guitar and the jumps. Carla

  3. oh the tree looks fabulous! Looks like you had a fun time too. Love the hat!!!

  4. Ummm......its not a dance party w/out the snake. And, I better get an invite to this next year.

  5. Man, you all Martha Stewarted that tree! F and I put up one of those oranment trees, with lights and all, it's kinda sad.

  6. OHMYGOSH! I wanna decorate with YOU and Mr. T and FBIL!

    Your tree's beautiful and you all three made me smile...

  7. The angel is watching you! We've traced the call, it's coming from inside the house! GET OUT NOW!!!

  8. You're ALL invited next year. Open invitation! Just remind me... :-)

    eblife-e, what is your blog? I couldn't find it and want to check it out!!!

  9. Now THAT is what I call decorating!

  10. I can't see the videoooooo and I'm dying to!!! Sassy fix it? :)

  11. Wow!! You know how to celebrate the holidays. Gorgeous tree and you are all quite the dancers. I am wondering where kitty went when the dancing began.

  12. Sorry about that, Court. Try the direct YouTube URL -->

    Belette: The older cat despises my singing, so she was hiding somewhere, under the bed probably. The little one was sleeping, though I don't know how she managed to do so while we rocked it out.

  13. so can I help decorate your tree next year?? or hell, can I help take your tree down THIS year? I can bring beer.

  14. Of course! Everyone's invited next year!