Tuesday, December 9, 2008

stick a spork in me...

No, not there... Or there.

PT (personal training) update: Saturday was my "orientation" session with Tough Cookie, so we did a little working out in between chatting about goals and whatnot, so it ended up being only about 30 minutes of solid exercise. Yeah, it hurt. It hurt a lot.

Today was my first 1-hour session. I went into it still sore from Saturday's session. It feels like someone has taken a dull spork and shredded my abdominals, right where my uterus is supposed to be.

It hurts to walk up stairs. It hurts to walk downstairs. It hurts to walk. It hurt to turn my head to look at this guys purple puffy hat.

I started looking for motivational posters to encourage me to suck it up. This is what I found:

Then I found a tool to create my own motivational poster, so I made this to inspire myself. I printed it and posted it right next to my computer screen.

If you were on a motivational poster, what would it say?


  1. Mine would say, "Yeah, you know you're right."

  2. i got emailed the "vagina" one last year by a friend, and damn near pissed my pants at it.

    and if i was one of those posters, I'd photo my stomach and under the pic it would say "WASHBOARD ABS: there's just a pile of laundry on it."

  3. Wow, those are some serious abs in that photo. Lots to live up to! I was just lamenting that I haven't exercised (by any stretch of the imagination) since, like, February. Love me some puffy hat!

  4. Mine would say, "Fuck it, I'm taking up Yoga."

  5. I LOVE all of your motivational poster lines. They are great! Maybe I should start a whole site devoted to this...

  6. hahaha! I need a work out like that for sure. Kung fu just doesn't cut it.

    my poster would say: Go ahead, Eat. You're still fattest skinny person I know.

    now I'm going to go eat! :)

  7. "Did you get the license of that bus that just ran over me??????" (It was full of KIDS)

  8. So smart of you to seek motivation. The "Internet" alien guy is enough to make me want to get to my gym. For the lactic acid post workout I usually do: 1 banana, 1 cup of orange juice,and 2 aspirin. That usually helps me enough to have enough pain relief that I can get my shoes off and don't have to sleep in them because I can't reach them.

  9. If that poster were next to my computer it would say, "Remember: you don't wanna look like this."

  10. these are hilarious. i laugh so hard everytime i see these motivational posters!
    how do you make your own?