Thursday, December 11, 2008

part 3: catbook, amusing or disturbing?!

Think carefully before you answer that question. This is the third and final post in a series of facebook-related mouth-offs.

Part III--- Catbook and other species-specific freak gathering tools
Ok, so while I've taken three posts to bitch relentlessly about FB, I obviously participate. Feel free to laugh, stand on and chair and point, or send me evil anonymous comments--- but yes, I have Catbook pages for both my cats.

Exhibit A

Hermione even has 50 friends (of the cat, dog and human kind)!!! Tonks is still a baby so she only has a few friends. (Plus, she has freakish ADD so no one really likes her). Here is Hermione's profile, she's actually quite the comedian.

Exhibit B

However, did you know there is also Dogbook, Horsebook, Ferretbook, Rodentbook, and Fishbook??? I mean, what about Snakebook, and Chinchillabook, and MyDeadGrandmaBook? Why are these species so special?!

So how pathetic are you? Do you love facebook, hate it, abuse it? Do tell. It'll make me feel just a little bit better to know that others can relate to my slow and painful destruction.

"Who's a good girl? Is it you?"


  1. Oh holy goodness, really? They have those? I have a love hate relationship with FB. I just like to look at people's pics. It's more work than I care to put into it.

  2. I am a staunch devotee of facebook!!! I've been nestled in its warm embrace for about a year and have slowly converted almost every single one of my friends to it. Now I get on and chat with my girlfriend in Zurich, then the one in Des Moines, and then the one in Michigan... I'm not much of a phone person, so facebook really does make me feel more connected to my friends. And I've ended up getting reconnected with some great college friends that I most likely would've never spoken to again, to my regret and detriment.

    As for the dogbook, catbook, etc.... People gotta do something with their free time, and if that means they need to build full existences for their pets, then more power to 'em!

  3. If loving your cats is wrong, I don't want to be right.

  4. Facebook? Facebook?
    Never heard of it!
    I have been avoided friendly invitations for a long time.
    I just don't trust it.
    I'm blogger, through and through.
    Thanks for Following me!

  5. Personally, I am waiting for the next big thing to become completely obsessive about and then forget 3 months later.

    I am also jealous about your 10 followers, compared to my 9 followers.

  6. Great. Just great. Suddenly Joe is getting interested in getting a cat.

  7. I don't have a facbook but when I get my dog I am so getting her on dogbook.

  8. I'm with KMc: in fact I lmao at his comment. So transient...but then he's only 23, so he has a right to be. I love that about him...