Tuesday, December 23, 2008

my life isn't over... yet

Apologies if my last post was unclear. I am not married... yet. We merely got the marriage license, which means we have 60 days to actually tie the knot. But when we went to get the license, we walked right past the chapel where we will be getting married in exactly 23 days. So, feel free to retract your "congrats" and save them up for when the deed is actually done. Or don't retract your congrats and then you can send me a waffle maker, or something else, instead.


  1. I am gonna leave my Congrats out there! Even getting the liscense is a big deal. That is what I was congratulating you on!!

  2. I was congrating you for getting the license. That is a big milestone. Happy Holidays to you!!

  3. yeah, I'd want a waffle maker instead.