Friday, December 12, 2008

Laughing at oneself is a gift

I believe the ability to truly laugh at oneself--- not judge, not regret, and not hold back--- is truly a gift. Seriously, no sarcasm here (which I know you're not used to from me).

As an example, I'm including what could possibly be the worst picture of me to ever be documented and retained for future use. This photo comes to you courtesy of Blogging Matilda, who happened to also be in the picture with me. This was probably taken in 1992, when I was 13. Possibly in 1993. I had braces, a horrific non-layered haircut, and a strange gleam in my eye. And doesn't it look like I have food stuck in my braces?

I recently posted a bunch of pictures to Facebook from middle school and high school. Some may say this was awesome, and some may say it's a faux pas since I didn't ask anyone before posting pictures of them from their "prime years". Most people thought they were great, funny, nostalgic, whatever. But one person seemed to be genuinely perturbed by my posting a picture of them that they may have seen as not-so-flattering. I actually thought it was cute, but what do I know? They didn't flat-out ask me to take it down, but they made it clear that they didn't like it. And hey--- if they don't want it up, then I should take it down. So I took it down. But it leads me back to the first sentence of this post (you like how I did that, huh?)

I think it says a lot about a person if they are able (or unable) to laugh at themselves. So this Facebook "non-incident" and my semi-deep-statement about humility may not be completely related, and I just don't think I can crunch those numbers right now. I guess I'm just reflecting on myself a bit when I look back at this picture. There was a time when I would have hated to look at this picture, be embarrassed by it, but now I just love it. It feels good to be able to laugh at myself wholeheartedly.

Maybe Braja can provide some of her words of yogi wisdom here... (not to put you on the spot or anything)

Here's another one for you (meaning a dorky, over-the-top shot of me). This is from the day I got kicked out of Home Depot for trying on their rain gear and "cat walking" it through the aisles. Work it!

Oh hell! Here's one more that I made using YearbookYourself. It's supposed to be me in 1976. Except in 1976 I was -3 years old.


  1. You got kicked out of Home Depot for trying on rain gear? I so want to hang out with you!!!
    And I think that pic of you at 13 is fine.

  2. I think it's freeing to be able to laugh at ourselves, but there have been occasion's when I'm reminded that some people have "stuff" I don't know about that makes them painfully sensitive about something that wouldn't bother me. (My husband reminds of this frequently...)

    I adore your photos, and your humility, and the comfort you have in your own skin. You're Sassy!

  3. I HEART that you got kicked out of Home Depot. Some manager was obviously filled with ennui and job hatred to go that far. I think the picture is super cute. post away. And, even the first picture is fill of sass. I love that about you.:-)

  4. Laughing at yourself is therapeutic. I think there's a live Indigo Girls album where they begin a song by saying, "You have to laugh at yourself, or otherwise you'll die crying." (If they didn't say and I got the quote wrong, I want credit!)

  5. DevilsHeaven: Anytime!

    C2+3: I am sassy. Sometimes. :-)

    Belette: :-) You're the best!

    RB: I'm giving you the credit, no matter what!

  6. I'm going to have to post some pics of me. People may end up dying because they are so bad. haha!

    dude, I think you should get your hair cut like that in the last pic. for real. ;)

  7. Fuck Home Depot! Those bastards.


    Just kidding, I don't really think Home Depot is bastards.

  8. I loveeeeee it!!!! Old pictures are the best. I love looking back and laughing, I have some hysterical ones I should post, and if you post our ninth grade social pics, I will hunt you down and kill you :) Oh, I have like 100 of them. We were good dates :)

  9. A girl after my own heart! Please follow the link to see a picture of me catwalking in a Hormel Meat uniform at the Spam Museum. Uhh, earlier this year.