Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I love me some stereotypical humor

I'd love to tell you that I don't watch television, and that I spend all my spare time reading quality literature. But the truth is... I do both. Well, sorta. I read about 1 book every week and a half or so, but most of it is crap, with a few intellectual reads thrown in for good measure (and so I don't feel so guilty about reading crap the rest of the time). Right now I'm reading The Poisonwood Bible. Which is awe-some! But I'm also reading Charlaine Harris' Sookie Stackhouse series (I'm on book 3), which was recently turned into a HBO show called True Blood. I always have two books going--- one that I read at bedtime and another that I read on the subway.

But I do watch a lot of television. I watch a handful of reality tv shows (Survivor, Project Runway, Biggest Loser) but for the most part I think they've gone down the tubes (Celebrity Rehab?! The Hills?!). However, I can see the draw. There is something fulfilling about watching the lives of people who are more pathetic than you. I also watch all of the CSI's, which could be my favorite, if I were forced at gunpoint to pick, as well as Gossip Girl (I heart Chuck Bass), Desperate Housewives (which I'm getting tired of), Grey's Anatomy, Lipstick Jungle (soooo bummed it was canceled), and the token HBO/SHOWTIME shows like Californication, Weeds, Big Love and Entourage. Let's talk about Californication for a sec. How hot is David Duchovny?! I mean, seriously?! He was all dorky and cute in X-files, but in a I-just-wish-he'd-bang-Skully way. But now his hard-ass, cocky, hard-shell-soft-interior, ridiculously good hair and perpetual scruff just make me wish he'd bang me (hypothetically, of course).

So anyway, the whole point of this post is that I typically don't like the slapstick half-hour comedy shows. But Kath & Kim is hysterical and I love it to death! Molly Shannon is a given, we know she's funny. But Selma Blair! She's amazing at playing dumb, walking around with her muffin top hanging out, misusing words, thinking she's hot shit, and rolling her eyes like it's nobody's business.

I seriously don't know what it is about this show that I love so much--- maybe it's the fact that the "cool" place to hang out in their Florida town is the mall, or that Kath is a MILF hair dresser who wears chunky jewelry and spandex, or that Kim is estranged from her husband of six-weeks and that he works at Circuit Plus Electronics, or that Kath wants to wear a Lil' Bo-Peep outfit as her gown and arrive in a pumpkin carriage on her wedding day to a sandwich shop owner in the mall who used to weight 350 pounds.

Here's a recap of my favorite episode where Kath is depressed because she thinks she's too old to be getting married again and Kim is upset because she thinks Craig is cheating on her, so they go to a dance club to feel younger and hotter.

The whole season can be seen on Hulu.


  1. What I love most about this show are the costumes. They crack me up. Molly Shannon and her flippy hair and spandex.

  2. Kath & Kim is my new favorite sitcom HANDS DOWN. It cracks my shit up. Last week? With the swingers? Oh god, even I didn't see that coming. The butt waxing? The lesbian love? Oh god, it's so awesome.

  3. I LOVE Margaret Atwood. You should read the Blind Assassin.