Monday, December 22, 2008

Da-da-da-DAAAA! Announcing...

[picture me standing at the glass podium, opening the envelope at the Oscars in a beautiful eggshell Dior gown]... "and the first recipient of the prestigious S2S: For Superlative Blogging Award goes to..."

Zipbag of Bones

Cue theatrical music. People clapping. Cheering! Cat is trying to get up to the stage but all her frenemies are giving her hugs and kisses and back-pats (and a few guys are totally copping a feel, but she doesn't care). As she gracefully walks up the stairs you think she looks like an angel. But then! her stiletto gets caught on the hem of her floor-length Versace gown! As she free falls forward, her face headed for the top step, it seems like the world is watching in slow motion... she throws her hands out in front of her and everyone gasps in horror (and some out of sheer glee)... will her hands reach the step in time to save her face?... everyone waits with bated breath... the room seems still for a moment, the air heavy... her hands reach the step just milliseconds before her face, and she elegantly springs up like nothing ever happened. She even takes a humbling bow, indulging the audience. The crowd cheers! Yelps! Chants her name! Cat! Cat! She smiles, glides over to the podium, waves at the audience and begins her acceptance speech....


  1. Oh my gosh, this is just so exciting. I really don't know how I can compete with the zombies in your last post, but I will try!

    Miss Socks nailed it when she described (in horrifying detail) my trip up the did she know that I'm renown for my "tripping on the way UP the stairs" abilities? Kinda freaky if you ask me.

    I'm so honored to be the first recipient of such a prestigious award, and I'm totally going to have to go and google "superlative" now, just to be sure it's a compliment and all.

    Thanks Sassy!

  2. I wanted one of these awards until I read about poor Cat doing a face plant.

  3. If you knew Cat at all you would have said she fell on her face because she totally would have! lol

  4. I would like to accept this honor on Cat's what I would have said if she had fallen correctly. The wire I placed over the steps should have been a few inches higher.

  5. Well better tripping than giving an acceptance speech of "You like me! You really like me!"