Thursday, November 6, 2008

Why is watching people eat it so much fun?

So I have to admit that I love, love, LOVE seeing people fall on their faces, or their asses, or whatever they land on for that matter. I even love it when I fall on my ass and get to recount the story to everyone I know. I can't help it, so why deny it?

So why do all video compilations of people falling include the guy-gets-hit-in-balls clips? They are NOT the same thing, and frankly, I don't care to see it. And not because I feel bad for the guy or anything. Just because it's boring.

Here's a laugh for you this Thursday. It's one of my favorite "people falling" videos. I seriously almost peed myself watching this.

There's something about the slow motion that makes it even better.

Video clips of falls are great, but let's be honest... nothing compares to the real thing.


  1. Wow!!! No... I mean WOW!
    I am wiping my eyes right now wanting more tears of laughter. That was priceless. I so appreciate this video because I am well known for pointing out and laughing at those who take a good tumble (I laugh at myself too just to even the score...) I mean, how is falling NOT funny I don't understand how people don't get that?!?!?
    One of the best parts of the video are the slow motion voices in the background. OMG, the screams! This totally gave me an extra boost this afternoon. Keep em coming!
    Love the GWB sketch too...
    You're blog is fab!

    The Purple Vintage Space Princess

  2. I knew that my sister had already beaten me to commented on this one!
    As I know for a FACT she LOVES to LAUGH and people falling and slightly hurting themselves too!
    I have always told her she was mean to laugh... I mean she points and laughs...
    BUT after watching this, I do have to admit
    I couldn't help but truly LOL!
    I agree with sis the background noises is what really nailed it for me!
    The southern accents screaming was the the cherry on the top!
    Keep it coming!