Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Why I hate blogs

I want to clear something up before we get started. I vowed to never write a blog back in the day. I don't know what changed. I guess I finally found a few blogs that I actually enjoy reading, and decided they weren't that bad. Maybe blogging has evolved. It must have, since I'm here now. But recently I've been searching for more blogs to follow, and I have to admit that there are so many that are just annoying, and here's why:

1. There are way too many moms out there with too much spare time. I swear every other blog I find is a stay-at-home mother who posts several times a day. And why do they all think it's fun for their readers to only post pics of their kids (most recently in stupid halloween costumes) and recounts of stupid arguments with their husbands? I realize that when you're a mom and a wife, that is the center of your life, but come on... aren't you more interesting than that? The only mom blogger that I like reading is one who can't write a sentence without an f-bomb and openly disses her kids (who are too young to understand anyway), and that is The Blogess. If you're reading this Jenny, I heart you.

2. There are a LOT of bloggers-turned-writers and writers-turned-bloggers out there now. I get that print publishing and the Internet are colliding, merging if you will. In fact, this is how I stumbled across the blogger who changed by view on this blogging world that we live in. I read her book, Bitter is the New Black, and then started obsessively reading her blog, Jennsylvania (which is an odd name, since she neither lives in Pennsylvania, nor is from there). But what I don't get is why they all try to seem so modest and "I'm one of you" in their posts, but their entire blog is devoted to marketing their books, signings and travel plans, as well as fellow writers-turned-bloggers and bloggers-turned-writers. It's like a cult! And only your most spastic/stalker fans will want to know all of those details anyway! Most of your fans want to read about crazy, idiotic, self-depricating stories, and not whether you flew first class or coach. I'm referring to this is "passively bragging". Jennsylvania is excluded from this rant, because she DOES post hilarious photos and stories more than she does book signings and schedules.

3. The word snark is overused. I swear, today alone, I've seen at least half a dozen blogs where either the title or the description makes use of the word. While I appreciate the use of snarkiness in someone's writing (I personally, am an avid fan), I think bloggers should just be snarky, and not say that they are snarky. Telling us is just lame.

4. For me, part of the allure of the blogosphere, both reading and posting, is the anonymity. But so many of you post "cute" (and I use that word loosely) pics of yourself that we all know are from like 1985 when you were young and skinny! I don't want to attribute a face to the blog! Nor do I need to see pics of you in some stupid, overly skintastic, halloween costume that was meant for a teenager!

Phew. Now that I've got that on the table, let's get started.

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