Wednesday, November 12, 2008

We've got an award! WHAT?!

Well, folks, here's to me! STS has received its first award. For those of you novices (look how I'm talking down to you already after a mere week of blogging!), blog awards are quite popular. They get passed around like those emails that threaten you with 10 years of bad luck and no sex if you don't forward it to 400 people. The best part is that I received this award from one of my favs, She's Lump.

Here's the deal. There are two rules for receiving this award, and I don't want to break them because who know what sorts of bad karma will result. 1) List 6 things you love. 2) List 6 Bloggers who you pass the Kreativ Blogger Award on to. The question is why 6? I think it is some sort of diabolical clue as to what will happen if you break the rules. So here it goes.

Numero Uno:
1) My hubs-to-be, Mr. T. He's amazing and the most supportive man anyone could ask for. I'm very excited to be exchanging nuptials with him in a few months. He's also got great lips.

2) My kids/kitties. Hermione and Tonks. YES! We named our cats after Harry Potter characters. And NO! we're not ashamed! Here's a glamour shot of each of my babies. I just wish the little one would get out of her habbit of sucking on any part of exposed flesh she can find. It used to be cute. Now it's just getting old. Last night she even tried sucking on Mr. T's forehead, but he nixed that pretty quickly.

Left: the little one, Tonks, now 12 weeks. Center: the two of them, conspiring against me or playing rock/paper/scissors, I can't be certain which. Bottom: the big one, Hermione, a year and half, and getting fatter by the day.

3) My best friend, E. I've known her for nearly 9 years. We met our first year out of college, when we both worked in public accounting in Boston. It was love at first site (and yes, I know how lame that sounds). We've been pretty much inseparable since. We even moved to NYC together and lived together for 2 years. Then we grew up into big girls and got our own places and then moved in with boyfriends. In fact, we're totally those two friends who have so many inside jokes that we are uber-annoying to hang around, especially if you are Mr. T or KB, E's husband. All we do is make fun of them when they're around and giggle relentlesssly, which is AWESOME for us, but sucks for them.

4) My mom and dad, who divorced when I was 13. Since then, I have developed very strong relationships with both them, which is amazing since I have so much baggage from my childhood---but who doesn't? Both of them support me tremendously, are there for me when I need them most, and are honest with me when they think I'm making a bad decision. My mom thinks this blog is the greatest thing she's ever seen. She's so proud, you'd think I won the Nobel Peace Prize or something. So I'm sure you'll start seeing some comments from her in the near future. PS - that doesn't mean that I censor. She's cool.

5) My fake pearls from Italy. It's a long strand that can either be doubled up or tied in a knot. The cool part is that there is a little 1" silver clock in the place of several pearls that actually works. Well, it used to work. I need to get the battery replaced. But it's a cool concept. I wear these with everything. I even wear them with jeans and sweatshirts at the office, just to spruce the outfit up.

6) The fact that I'm getting married in January and I'm stress-free! I am not doing a big wedding, and refuse to do anything traditional. Mr. T and I are headed down to a remote little resort in Mexico by ourselves, sans family or friends. We're not even doing a big party when we get back---just a nice initimate dinner with the parents. There's no engagement dinner, no rehearsal dinner, no bachelor party (since this is Mr. T's second marriage). We already have the rings. The only thing left to do is get our marriage license in the next few weeks. I however, will have a bachelorette party, though that will also be less traditional with NO strippers (here that ladies?!?!). Just dinner with friends followed by copious amounts of drinking, and perhaps dirty dancing wiwth strangers in some dark unmarked club... oh nevermind. The only crappy part about not doing the big wedding thing??? I don't get hundreds of presents. Boo.

Numero Dos:
Purple Vintage Space Princess
Nightly Candy
Wicked Witch of the Web
My Dogumentary
The Blogess (I'm giving this to her even though she's probably received millions of awards because I love her and want to give her a reason to link to me, or at least add me to her blogroll!... is that a blogger feax pas?? If anything, she deserves this for tripping over a snake and showing her boobies to her neighbor in the process, and yes, that's the second time I've linked to that post).

Thanks again, Lumps!


  1. Congrats on your FANTASTIC award!
    You have got the GIFT girl, and I'm glad you were recognized.
    It is one of many for you Sassy Lady!
    And OMG to pass the torch onto Nightly Candy...
    I'm tearing up like a Yenta...
    I feel as though I have been handed my first Emmy!!
    I am so pumped!!
    What a way o start the morning off RIGHT!
    Blog on Sassy Two Stock...
    BLOG ON!

    LOOK AT YOU! Your blog is just FANTASTIC and its getting noticed!
    YOU DESERVE THIS AWARD and all the other goodness that is coming your way! I'm excited for you...
    YEEEEEAAAAAHHHH thank you for awarding sis and I too! Paying it forward, ah you know how karma works - its all coming back BIG TIME!
    BTW, I looooooove your #6. That is exactly how I plan to get married. NO FUSS, no people its all about the two of you. Then the CELEBRATION afterwards.

    More from me (and sis) soon,

  3. I will babysit your cats while you get married. Please?

  4. I'm loving the blog! Nice to see updates of how you are doing, the cats are adorable :) Can't wait to start seeing comments from Mom! How is she???

  5. Congrats on the award and thanks for passing it on to me! I feel so priveledged! And your little kitties are so cute!

  6. you totally deserve it. You's a ROCK STAR! ;)

  7. Congrats on your award. This is my first visit and you've got a great blog. Love it.

  8. P.S. you can just email Jenny a.k.a. The Blogess and she will add you to her blogroll... :)

  9. 1. I have an entire Harry Potter-esque dollhouse. We might be related.

    2. You are totally going on the blogroll.