Saturday, November 15, 2008

Tonks shat on her dad!!

So my dad and my stepmom are visiting this weekend. He brought this dog, Peanie, a shitz-tsu, with him. I approved of him bringing Peanie only because Peanie is the most docile dog on the face of the planet. It took Hermione like 4 visits, but she's indifferent to him now, and that's about all you can ask for from arch enemies. Well, Tonks met Peanie for the first time today. She has been in the back-arched-tail-puffed stance for most of the day, though she has occasionally tried to cop a butt-sniff.

We had a fabulous dinner tonight at Dovetail, a new Upper West Side eatery that resembles that of a downtown establishment that touts chef's tastings before and after the meal, including the goodie bag of sweets to take away with you. We had lots of fantastic wine at dinner. Because it was my "engagement dinner", I ordered a ridiculously expensive plate of truffle gnocchi. $84 ridiculous!!! It was totally worth it (even though I didn't pay). I am not kidding when I say that 1) truffles are my favorite thing on the planet, and 2) I have never seen so much shaved truffle on one plate in my life. I mean seriously, have you ever seen so much truffle?

We all got pretty tipsy from the wine and the toasts to my and Mr. T's engagement (this is the first time I've seen my parents since the engagement).

When we got home, Tom picked up Tonks to cuddle her like he usually does, and my stepmom picked up the dog. They decided to put them put them nose to nose while holding them. Bad idea.

Tonks shat on Tom's beautiful new navy blue blazer that I got for his birthday. I'm not kidding. She was so scared that she emitted fluid-like drops of feces from her butt.

I laughed so hard that I almost died.

Best. Friday. Ever.

Correction: This is the first time I've seen my DAD and my stepmom since the engagement. And she isn't actually my stepmother, they've just been dating for over 10 years, so I just refer to her as that since it's easier than explaining that my dad isn't ready to marry her after a decade together. [See my REAL mom's comment - Love ya, Ma!].


  1. dear Sassy,
    I was up to your Auntie N's house on Saturday,bragging about your blog and we decided to read that day's entry. Well everything is going fine when suddenly we get to the part when you say: Its the first time I've seen my parents since the engagement. Well being the twisted sisters that we are; we say in total stereo phonic and spontaneous unison- HER PARENTS!!!! Hello, remember me- your MOTHER!! You know the quirky one that lives on the Left Coast. In the land of wine tastings, the Prius and cold,foggy Summers ( that one is for Mr.T) You know the one who gave birth to you on a cold,dark and windy night ( all true!) in a hick town in VT. that Ihad never heard of before let alone been to. You know the one who made it through your terrible two's, those akward in between years and then as a single parent survived the teen years when your father was dating a nurse 18 years younger than him; excuse me, I digress.You know the one who is always behind you no matter what. The one would be supportive even if you were a convicted axe murderer! It's me - your one and only Mother. Forever proud parent of Sassy two socks. Love you (I think!)

  2. hey, I got that you meant your dad. :)

    dude, I want some of that truffle gnocchi.