Sunday, November 9, 2008

that bitch is slappin'

Last night was eventful. Mr. T and I headed down to the East Village to meet up with E (my best friend), L.L. Cool Money (E's life-long friend and a good friend of mine) and K-Palin (L.L.'s girlfriend). Yes, this poor girl's last name is actually Palin. The saddest part is that she may or may not be related to Sarah, she just doesn't know. She does sport cute little squared eyeglasses like Sarah, so that may be a clue...

L.L. had made one request ahead of time---that I wear the "jesus piece". The jesus piece is a necklace that my grandmother owned and passed down to me. I think it's some sort of Celtic cross, but no one is certain. Anyway, it's pretty badass, and L.L. loves it. E wanted to sport a jesus piece too. Hers isn't as authentic as mine, but it's an actual cross, so it's got more of a reason to be called the jesus piece that mine does.

So with E's husband out of town, it was Mr. T and a harem of chicks with both gay and straight leanings. He was in heaven. Apparently, Mr. T was so elated that he decided to "jagg off" all the way from Redhead, at 13th&1st, where we had dinner, to Rue B, a bar at 11th&B. One couple passed us and whispered "those people are really drunk... especially that guy". The funniest part of that comment is that he wasn't that drunk, that's just how he is all the time. Rue B was unusually crowded, and we weren't sure if we wanted to stay. But Mr. T's friend was bartending and hooked us up with a table. At Rue B Mr. T decided to start doing his best Angus Young dance---not only inside the bar but out in front of the bar (which was all windows), where he was joined by K-Palin and some strange guy with long greasy hair who was apparently a big fan of AC/DC. Mr. T was really going all out because he ended up falling backwards and landing on his ass... hard. No wonder he's sore today and he doesn't remember why.

Mr. T started being a wise-ass (what's new?), so after too many Mango-tinis, E and I started jokingly bitch slapping him. He of course retaliated, which spurred a 3-way bitch slapping contest. This is how we ended up getting kicked out of Rue B. The shame.

It's hard to see because it was dark in Rue B, but here is E and I sporting the infamous jesus pieces.

Here is a shot of Mr. T dancing his best Angus Young outside of Rue B, just before he fell on his ass.


  1. Causing a ruckus in public... FANTASTIC! I am loving the pictures you added to the post and the mystery you add to your Mr. T.