Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanks to me; thanks to you; and god bless the vino I will drink today. Amen.

Well, it's turkey day. (I hate when people call it that, but it's easier to type.) So I thought I'd share some of the things I'm thankful for. However, this is not the typical list where I get all sappy about Mr. T, the cats and my parents. These are some of the little things in life that I'm thankful for.

1. I'm thankful for Banana Republic. You used to be so preppy, but now you actually carry cute stuff that I can blow wads of money on. And you're online store is so easy to use. You really make my life great. And I'm extra thankful for the Cocoon Coat that I recently got to keep me warm this winter [see related Point #10].

2. I'm thankful to Gloria Ferrer for shipping the greatest pieces of chocolate to ever hit my tongue just in time, before I threw myself out of my 12th floor apartment in an attempt to end the nagging withdrawl symptoms. I mean, whoever invented champagne-filled chocolates deserves free botox for life.

3. I'm thankful for living in a building that houses a 24/7 french bistro, a dry cleaner, a jeweler, a Citibank, a shoe repairman, and a deli. It's nice to know that if I ever choose to become one of those weird introvert cat ladies, I would never have to walk more than 50 feet outside my building doors in order to run errands. Oh, and there's the magazine bodega too, where I buy my USWeekly, an essential part of my week.

4. I'm thankful for Starbucks and cashmere. (I know that's two-in-one, but I don't care.)

5. I'm thankful that I'm celebrating Thx Day in the city this year, so there will be no traveling in a car, no traveling via train, and no abstaining from drinking in order to get home in one piece. Woo!

6. I'm thankful for taxicabs. Because I despise the subway. And I'm thankful that taxi drivers' English seems to be getting better. They've finally started understanding me when I tell them to take Park Drive South.

7. I'm thankful for debit cards. I heart you, Mastercard.

8. I'm thankful for my 4" heels, because I pulled my hamstring this weekend, and they're making it more comfortable to walk because my heel doesn't extend all the way to the ground, thus ripping my poor leg into even more pieces. I'm also thankful for them because they make me 5'6" instead of 5'2.5".

9. I'm thankful for my new gloves because they keep my hands from freezing off when I'm carrying my Starbucks iced green tea in this freezing cold weather (because there is nothing refreshing about a hot beverage).

10. I'm thankful that winter jackets cover up my booty while I walk around the city, thus causing less black and hispanic men to catcall at me. They have always loved the junk in my trunk, and I'm overdue for a much-needed break from the "shhhhhake that thing" and "gimme some of that" that I hear relentlessly (ok, maybe not THAT often, but enough to get annoying).

11. Lastly, I'm thankful that I don't have to work tomorrow, so I can nurse the hangover I will surely have from too many whiskey sours and copious amounts of red wine. Maybe I'll throw in a bit of aquavit just for good measure, to settle my stomach after the gigantic meal I plan to eat.

There's more, but I'm also thankful for blog posts that aren't too long, because I get bored so easily.



  1. sweeeet thankful list! I have to add that I am thankful to my high heels too. I love my petite stature but it also fun to elevate at a moments notice.
    Happy T day!

  2. Wow, I am feeling so uncool for naming my post "Merry Turkey Day." :-)

    Also I made a list of things that I am thankful for, thought I was being clever, then I read yours, much better, I'm thinking about calling this whole blog thing off! Haha.

  3. Aw - KMcJ! I LOVE your blog! I hope you're kidding!!! Keep it up!

  4. I LOVE your shit!! You are too damn cool.

  5. hope you had a kick ass thanksgiving!! and 4 inch heels??! oh your poor poor feet.