Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Sarcasm: Evil or Playfully Ambiguous?

An IM conversation with Mr.T today, election day 2008, regarding the potential outcome:

Mr.T [1:55 PM] I mean, if you give McCain all the swing states, he still can't win. And I think Obama will take Ohio and Missouri

Sassy [1:56 PM] probably true, but let's not jinx it

Mr.T [1:56 PM] If he takes those two, its a landslide. But if he takes Florida or North Carolina, its a rout

Sassy [1:57 PM] what's a rout?

Mr.T [1:57 PM] Obama

Sassy [1:57 PM] no. what does the word mean? rout?

Mr. T [1:57 PM] You've never heard of the word rout? it means a massacre

Sassy [1:58 PM] whatev. don't make fun. jerk.

Mr. T [1:58 PM] huh

Sassy [1:58 PM] I've really never heard of it. :-/

Mr. T [1:58 PM] wow. that's fairly stunning news. total shocker

Sassy [1:58 PM] is that sarcasm? cause if so, that may be more insulting

Conclusion: Mr. T was able to make me feel like a complete idiot over IM in less than 3 minutes. A skill worth envying.

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