Friday, November 14, 2008

P.E.B. got me down

I think I have post-election blues, or PEB as I'm calling it.

There was so much hype leading up to the election---the drama, the passion, the campaigns, the grassroots fund raising, the fumbling, the interviews, and the debates. Then it was election eve and we were giddy. We woke up November 4th like two kids on Christmas morning who couldn't wait any longer to open up the presents that were sitting under that tree for days, weeks! leading up this day. We rolled out of bed in our pajamas and trekked over to our local church. We stood in a 3-block line and felt that we were making history. We took pictures of the lines, chatted with our neighbors, and high-fived each other after we cast our ballots. We wore our Obama t-shirts to work, chatted with co-workers, and had CNN up on our browsers all day long. We cooked a big dinner in celebration, taco fiesta with all the trimmings, and sat with white knuckles while we watched state after state close their polls. We popped the champagne after Virginia and cheered from the rooftops along with the rest of New York City. We toasted over and over, and watched as McCain conceded gracefully. We listened as Obama accepted our vote to be president and gave the world hope. Hope for a new America. We watched the world watch us. We cried with Jesse Jackson and felt that we would never forget this moment for the rest of our lives.

And now we have to wait 66 days until we see our new president in office. Yes, there is still coverage to watch - the naming of his cabinet, the press conferences, the debates about what kind of dog he'll get, and the speculation that McCain never wanted to win. But it's not the same. The excitement has diminished. And frankly, I'm impatient. Hence, my P.E.B.

Good thing the holidays are right around the corner...

After writing this entry I did a quick search and found the NYT's Well Blog beat me to the punch, as well as this video:

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  1. what? nothing to talk about? That's Madness! haha! I'm just nervous because Mr. Obama has a lot of shit to clean up. you can still drink to that. ;)